Final Fantasy XV DLC Review: Episode Ignis

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An original episode told from the perspective of Ignis. With Altissia in ruins after the Trial of Leviathan, Ignis faces the Niflheim Empire to protect Noctis at all costs. Joining him along the way is Ravus, high commander of the Niflheim Empire, who is determined to rescue his sister Lunafreya.

Featuring fast-paced battles and multiple endings, it is finally time to learn about the untold events that transpired during one of the most dramatic moments in FINAL FANTASY XV.

(May contain spoilers if you have went past Chapter 9 with the fight with Leviathan. Overall, I won’t spoil the game’s story)

This is the final DLC of the season pass and the last one of 2017. It’s unknown what is Square Enix’s next plan but I am ready for more FFXV content. Anyway, Episode Ignis is the next story that focuses on another one of Noctis’s closest friends. Players will be able to play as Ignis Scientia and learn more about what happened during the attack on Altissa. It was mentioned by Square Enix that Episode Ignis wanted players to experience a story where players can choose how will the story end, thus giving us the ability to have multiple endings. Now with this DLC released, let’s see if it tops Episode Gladiolus and Prompto.

Story – Greater love has no one than this: to lay down one’s life for one’s friends. – John 15:13

(Spoilers incoming if you have not reached past chapter 9!)

After defeating Leviathan with the power of the Titan and his Armigar (an ability where Noctis can use every single Royal Weapon and warp powers), Noctis gets exhausted from his powers and lays unconsciously with the Oracle Lunafreya. Occurring around the same time, Ignis is shown and appears to be separated from Prompto and Gladiolus. After he sees the Titan fighting off the airships, Ignis makes it a goal to not only defend Altissa but also to protect Noctis from the enemy’s hand. Later on in the story, Ravus appears in the battle and he has some personal goal to find Lunafreya while Niflheim is conquering the land. In a mutual agreement, Ignis and Ravus must work together to save the ones they care about. However, it is not going to be easy because a sinister enemy will be waiting in the shadows and go after the True King. Ardyn makes a return and he won’t stop at nothing until he sees the next king of Lucis fall.


What I enjoyed about these past Episodes is that we get a inside story of what happened whenever Noctis is separated from his friends. Ignis story in my opinion is one of the most compelling and it has a strong story where I can show empathy for the characters. Knowing Ignis, Ignis is one of the most thoughtful and caring characters in the game and as we learn from his side of the story and after seeing the intro cutscene, you can tell that Ignis is a man who is willing to sacrifice everything to protect Noctis. Besides Ignis, we also see a different side to Ravus as well. As may know, Ravus despised Noctis and his family because he blames him for the death of his mother when Niflheim tried to kill King Regis and even protected Ravus. Instead of being a character who is bent on hating Noctis, we also see a side where he possibly does care for him. Speaking of Niflheim, we also see a return of the minor villain Calligo Ullder (character who is like Loqi and I sometimes nickname him Dr. Eggman); however, his role is very small and doesn’t have a strong impression. Ardyn is still the same as he taunts Ignis and Ravus and his mannerism is still appealing but yet disturbing. The music in the game is greater than ever. It has a melancholy feel like Episode Prompto and it has a feel as if you were watching war movie.

According to the video trailer, Ardyn comments and offers Ignis an opportunity to follow him instead of protecting Noctis. After you beat Episode Ignis, players will be able to unlock a mode called Extra Verse where players will jump into a dramatic moment where Ardyn gives Ignis two choices: Fight Back (fight Ardyn) or Play Along (Follow Ardyn). If the player chooses, “Play Along”, the story will continue and players will be given a noncanon story. This is where players will be given the option to seeing multiple endings and learn more about Ardyn.

Short Feedback – Similar to NieR: Automata?

I think this featured is quite fun and interesting because it gives players the ability to have an ending they choose. Whatever you choose to have, the results is noncanon. I am not going to spoil the ending of one of them but there’s a specific ending I enjoyed and I wish that it was canon to the main story. Having information on Ardyn was an added bonus and I hope we get more information on him in future DLCs and quite possibly in the upcoming Episode Ardyn.

Gameplay – Batman Arkham Altissa!

You don’t wear a batsuit and have millions of dollars but as play as Ignis, he is a fast and strong fighter who knows how to use daggers and magic. Ignis gameplay is very different than playing as Gladiolus and Prompto. Ignis uses the combined powers of magic and spelldaggers to fight. He has three types of magic variation with both a strength and weakness. If he uses the power of fire, Ignis can fight one on one against the enemy with slice and furies all in one single target; however, it can only be used on single enemies. The blizzard magic attacks in a circular and wide attack so instead of focusing on one enemy, you can attack a group in your personal space. The thunder magic allows to fight multiple enemies in a flash even if they are far away; unfortunately, this leaves open for damage.

Ignis is also equipped with tech abilities where just like the past episodes, Ignis can utilize different abilities in combat depending how many are filled. He can use his trusty pole spear to great a shockwave, use one of the magic flasks to power up one of his magic or even cook up a recipe to gain some special stats and take a breather from fighting. Unfortunately, in order to get the recipe move, you need to beat the story and buy some kitchen utensils in order to unlock the ability.

Ignis can also use an more special attacks for his spelldaggers but in order to do that, you need to charge up the Total Clarity meter. The meter increases as you fight or press and hold the triangle button (PS4) to charge up. Once you are done, you can unleash a special attack depending on what magic you are using.

Going back to the Batman title, later in the story, players will be able to explore all of ruined Altissa with a grappling hook. With the hook, you can use to climb on to buildings or use it on combat against giant robots or enemies with flags. With the grappling hook, you will need it to plot on how to reclaim a portion of Altissa from Magitek soldiers; it’s almost like Dynasty Warriors without the waves of 1,000 enemies and over the top conversations.


The combat and gameplay of Episode Ignis has much improved since the previous episodes. Ignis is a great fighter and fun to use than Gladiolus and knows how to fight defensively than Prompto. Ignis is a strong character with so many things he can do. I like to feel like a one man army against the enemy. Even thought Ignis is not Batman, I like to just hang around the buildings and surprise my enemies. Ignis is always ready to fight and the best part is that if he gets knocked down, he can counter attack and recover some health. The map/setting of the story is not too open world like Episode Prompto but that’s okay since you can still explore around.

Friendly MatchJust some training. Loser eats their vegetables.

Just like the past episodes, you can also have a “friendly match” with one your allies; however, the player has to fight Noctis. As way to test Noctis and force him to eat his vegetables, Ignis decides to fight Noctis at Hammerhead. By using your own skills, spelldaggers and grappling hook, you need to take down Noctis who has every single weapon including the Ring of Lucii.

Short Feedback – Ignis vs Ultra Instinct Noctis?!

Noctis is too strong to fight! I came unprepared to fight him and I died multiple times. At first, he is okay when fighting but Noctis is a cheater whenever he does his phase dodges and warps to the high grounds. What’s worse is that he can activate his Armigar and send in a barrages of weapons at you. If you are fortunate, Ravus jumps in and helps you fight. He can also heal you whenever your health is low or you two can perform a special attack; unfortunately, it’s only temporary and sometimes he doesn’t show up at all. When I finally defeated Noctis, I felt a sense of accomplishment and I enjoyed kicking Noctis butt. I wonder Ignis should save the world instead or is he the actual King of Lucis?

Minor Setbacks – Get your reading glasses

There wasn’t much to complain about this game. I really liked it and I thought it was better than the previous episodes. However there is something that I would like to complain even if it’s minor. When you go back and play the story again, you will be able to purchase special glasses from a little shop where you can accessories your Ignis. You can give him a monocle, shades like from his timeskip look or even his birthday glasses. You can earn gil (Final Fantasy currency) by selling useless, random items you find lying around Altissa. Like I said, once you buy them, you can dress up Ignis. Unfortunately, you can’t use them in the main game and you can only use the glasses in Episode Ignis. It almost plays like Episode Prompto where you can obtain costume pieces and use them but it only works in their story and not the main game story.

Final Conclusion

Was this last Episode of the season pass worth it? Like always, I think this is one of the best story episodes. Episode Ignis not only gives us the chance to play as Ignis but we get to experience the pain and see in his eyes on what he goes through to be with Noctis. The episode reveals a different side on the other characters like Ravus and we learn more about Ardyn. The multiple endings is a fun treat and it allows gamers to be creative. The music was good as well. Personally, I guess I could say I wish the fight with Noctis was toned down and I wish we can keep our unlocked glasses. Unlike Episode Gladiolus where we got a Score Attack mode or Prompto where you race to beat a record, you don’t get much bonus content for Ignis. Despite lacking bonus content, Episode Ignis is still a fun add on and it gives us more to the story than you will ever see in the main story. It fills in the gaps on what things should have been included in the beginning.

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