Burn Up! OVA review


Rightsuf synopsis:

Maki, Reimi and Yuka may not look like ace crime fighters, which is why they’re stuck on traffic patrol, but all that changes when Yuka gets herself kidnapped. Then Maki and Reimi must don skin-tight battle armor and teach the kidnapper that when you play with fire, you’re going to get burned!

(No spoilers!)

Background and history

To be honest, I don’t know much about this anime, but I always see this DVD at Sentai Filmworks in a Christmas sale in a super cheap price. In this previous Christmas shopping sale, I needed something to fill my cart and give me free shipping. I picked this one because it was cheap and I was curious about this anime. I don’t hear people talk about it much and I am not familiar with the OVA series. According to Wikipedia, Burn Up! was originally licensed and released in VHS 1992 and it was owned by AnimEigo, a company that licensed and released it in subtitles. In 1994, the anime got a dub from ADV Films. In 2005, the anime was later converted to DVD; however, in 2009, Sentai Filmworks got the rights and released the OVA in DVD with subbed and dubbed. Also according to the site, the OVA was a success that it later got three more OVA sequels: Burn Up W, Burn Up Excess and Burn Up Scramble!. In this review, I will be talking about the original OVA and give my feedback.

Story – Cops to the rescue!

Much like the synopsis states, the story takes place in a fictional future world. The story follows three female police officers named Maki (the blonde and main character), Reimi (black-haired girl) and Yuka (pink-haired girl) as they try to keep the city safe. The main focus of the story involves the police force trying to find some missing women and this leads to them trying to find the criminal organization who is operating slavery.

The girls decides to go undercover at some night clubs and go patrol alone to find the suspects. However, when Yuka finds a lonely girl, she comforts her but she ends up getting herself and the girl kidnapped in the process. It’s now up to Maki and Reimi to save their pink-haired friend from corrupt businessmen.

OVA review: Short and Sweet to the Point! Girl Power!

An OVA can vary in length. It can be a short series, one episode or even a full length series like Hellsing: Ultimate. Burn Up! however is a really short OVA consisting about 50 minutes and it fits pretty well. The story is plain and simple: investigate a major crime, save a friend and stop the villain. Even if the setting takes place in a fictional future, it’s not as complex like watching Ghost in the Shell. Personally, the pacing is really fast since this is about 50 minutes long. If this OVA was split into episodes, it will most likely be around 2-3 episodes. We are immediately introduced to the characters, but we don’t get to know them. We mostly know that Maki is the leader of her friends and she has a relationship with one of the male cops named Kenji. Some characters like Reimi helps add humor to the seriousness of the story especially in a scene where phone gets destroyed and throws some rage at her enemies. If you are familiar with traditional classic anime art, this is will fit your needs if you enjoy old art like Rurouni Kenshin or others. Other than that, don’t get your hopes up for character development especially on the villains are just play part of the story. There are minor fanservice so don’t let the cover fool you, but I wouldn’t recommend for minors such as in the range of 13; I think 16 would fit the age. There is no sexual violence but it does have women getting hurt; however, this anime makes it up by making Maki and Reimi super tough women.

Conclusion: Worth the 50 minutes?

Do I recommend this OVA? It’s hard to say since it’s a short OVA. I did enjoy the classic art style and I thought the English Dub was good. I can’t complain the price on it and it helped me get free shipping. However, if you are not into a fast pace story with less character development, it’s not worth it. I can’t say it’s the worse OVA, but you get what you paid for. If you enjoyed this OVA and want more action on the characters, go out and find the sequel OVAs. I would get this DVD if you need help getting free shipping with a sale or no sale. Did you see this anime? Did you like it or dislike it? Comment down below. Also, feel free to donate to my Ko-fi page:


4 thoughts on “Burn Up! OVA review

  1. Ooh, I love classic anime, and even though it is very short, I like the concept for this one. This is my kind of anime if I am being honest. Thanks for sharing this, am going to track it down πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

    • You’re welcome 😊. Like I mentioned, this anime is pretty short and if you like traditional animation, you may like it. I’m pretty sure you can find it for a good price πŸ˜‰.

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