The Unique Blogger Award by Moonid

I want to thank Moonid for nominating me for the Unique Blogger Award. Sorry for the delay, I am happy to do these awards. Here is the rules on what to do:

#1 – Share the link of the blogger who has shown love to you by nominating you.

#2 – Answer the questions.

#3 – In the spirit of sharing love and solidarity with our blogging family, nominate 8-13 people for the same award.

#4 – Ask them 3 questions

Here’s the questions:

  1. If you could make one anime/novel/movie/series/whatever, what would be the synopsis for it?

Anime title: DevAn: I am better than you!

Anime Synopsis: No matter who you are, we all have a conscience. Conscience is represent by good and evil and they are governed by two beings: an angel who represents pure and love and the devil who presents evil and corruption. Every human is challenged by temptation and it’s up to humans to make the decision to follow what is good. However, what would happen when the worst angel and the ironic kindly devil are teamed up and forced to guide people’s decision. Let’s just say, it’s so hectic that Heaven and Hell won’t get involved. This is a series of stories about a not so good angel and a not so bad devil.

2. Who could be considered your ‘Hero’ to look up to and why do you consider that person as such? (can be either fictional or real)

I think my heroes in real life would be my parents. They make good decisions in life. When I say good, I don’t mean it as avoid mistakes. but I say good as in what is right and what can we do with love. In fiction, my hero would be Spider-Man and Captain America. Spider-Man is a hero who takes responsibility seriously. I think if people wanted to be like Spider-Man, we need to be willing to accept responsibility and be there when we are in a situation. For Captain America, I like how he fights for what is right and does it for America.

3. For some unknown reasons, you wake up on a strange magical fantasy land. What would be your ideal first meeting with the living beings on this fantasy land? (e.g. I would like to wake up on a strange classroom and notice that I’m suddenly a teacher to a classroom of 15 people; so yeah, Isekai thing).

I would probably see myself like as someone who is mistaken as a hero for the weak. If you seen the movie Oz the Great and Powerful, you will understand. I imagine myself as someone who thinks I am a hero who is meant to protect others from someone menacingly.


My Questions:

  1. What is your favorite and least favorite food?
  2. What is your pet peeve?
  3. If you can bring any fictional character to this world, who would it be and what would be the first thing you will do?

Just like the Cell Games in Dragon Ball Z, if you don’t do this award within 7 days, I will have no choice, but destroy the Earth because you didn’t want to participate in this fun blog post. It will be a bad time for Valentines Day!

(In the anime it’s 10 days, but I am not Cell so I will make it 7 days.)

34 thoughts on “The Unique Blogger Award by Moonid

  1. Better late than never 🙂

    I love your first answer! The synopsis is very interesting and I believe it could become a great show if it made its way into TV.

    I also love your second answer. Good Parents are the best heroes we could ask for. Spider man is one of my fav heroes because he always has to overcome overwhelming odds and challenges in life 🙂

    I bet you would become a fine Hero in an isekai world. Havent seen Oz movie, but I guess it is something like Robin Hood…?

  2. Better late than never 🙂

    I like the synopsis you wrote for your story. I bet if it made its way into TV, it would become a great show and worth writing about haha.

    I also love your second answer. Good parents are the best kind of heroes we could ever ask for. Haha and spider man is one of my fav hero for being able to overcome overwhelming odds and challenges life throws at him.

    I bet you would become a fine hero in an isekai world 🙂 havent seen Oz movie, but I guess it is something like Robin Hood…?

    • Yeah I am sorry for being late. I almost forgot about this post lol.

      I enjoyed this post you nominted me. Well the Oz movie is a prequel to the Wizard of Oz. 🙂

      • Im glad you liked it. Lol yep, havent seen any Oz movie as a matter of fact, not even the prequel 🙂 i just know there is a Dorothy, silver c3po, a lion and a scarecrow xd

  3. First off, congrats on this man! 😀 It’s really awesome when you receive recognition like this.
    Next, I really appreciate the nomination 🙂 However, I won’t be doing an actual post on the blog just because I have done several of these fairly recently and just want to focus on my content right now (this sort of thing ends up eating a feature slot). Any way, I still want to answer your questions though so let’s go!
    1.What is your favorite and least favorite food?
    My favorite food would probably be pizza, despite how boring that sounds. Though, I do appreciate two particular home dishes just as much. One is a spaghetti type meal that you bake and the other is a chicken noodle soup with homemade mashed potatoes, which is not exactly the same as it sounds either. My least favorite food is cheese, I really hate it. I can’t stand it at all except for on pizza, hamburgers, and if I make lasagna myself. I have no clue why that is.
    2.What is your pet peeve?
    I have a couple. I really hate loud eaters; super annoying. So I’ll go with that one since it is so big.
    3.If you can bring any fictional character to this world, who would it be and what would be the first thing you will do?
    Hmmm, I’d want it to be someone interesting. Maybe Sherlock Holmes because he knows so much stuff and it would be a lot of fun to talk to that quirky man.
    Thanks again for the nomination and congrats on the award again too!

    • Thank you! 😀

      After reading your answers, you have some interesting choices. I love pizza and spaghetti. I actually love cheese lol. I have been guilty of being a loud eater. I watch myself when I eat now. 😂

      • No problem 🙂 I feel bad about not doing a full article but it’s really the best way to manage my time. Any way, I’m glad you enjoyed reading my answers at the very least 🙂

        So many people love cheese >.< it's so gross! Well at least you try not to eat so loudly, so many people just don't care.

      • No worries. As long you did it, you are fine. I’m happy to read your answers. I got to learn about you. 😊

        Yeah when I hear people chew loudly, it bothers me. Lol

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