Kingdom Hearts 3 D23 Expo Japan 2018 Trailers! My brief analysis,fl_progressive,q_80,w_800/fvy8an5rckbltvmqyud9.png

Recently revealed last night in Japan, but early morning in North America, Square Enix revealed two new exciting trailers of Kingdom Hearts III. They revealed new content such the confirmation of Monsters, Inc being a new world. Also revealed that the well-known singer Utada Hikaru returned and she is singing a new song for the game. It’s called Don’t Think Twice.

Comment down below what do you think about the news. The game is set to be released in 2018. The game will be in PS4 and Xbox One.

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The following is my thoughts about what I saw.

There are things I noticed from watching these trailers. First off, we see the return of Marluxia and Vanitas. Unlike Dream Drop Distance, Marluxia didn’t regain his memories and his old name like Lea (or was also known as Axel when he was a Nobody). Marluxia came back and remembered Sora and his friends, but Sora doesn’t remember him since Namine erased his memories in Chains of Memories and everything that happened in Castle Oblivion. Vanitas returns in the flesh wearing his mask from Birth by Sleep and wearing the Organization cloak. Apparently, he’s after Ventus heart which resides in Sora’s heart as well from the ending of Birth by Sleep. If Ventus and Vanitas become one, they will become the ultimate keyblade called the “x-blade” (It’s pronounced chi like saying key). The visuals of the cutscenes and gameplay is amazing as if you are watching a Disney movie. especially if you are looking at the scenes with Monsters, Inc and Toy Story. Also surprising is the summoning. In the past games, Sora is able to summon Disney characters to help him fight such as Simba, Mushu or Chicken Little, but in the trailers, we get Ariel! Also, the return of Spirits join in the fight and help Sora (Spirits came from Dream Drop Distance and they are good allies version of the Dream Eaters which are bad).

Finally, in the Utada video, we see Riku and King Micky in the Realm of Darkness beach side. Both characters have new clothes design and Riku says something vague. He leaves his keyblade, Way of the Dawn, behind and says that just in case “his other me” needs it. This “other” Riku could be the fake Riku from Chains of Memories or possibly the lingering darkness that Riku uses when he was controlled by Ansem.

69 thoughts on “Kingdom Hearts 3 D23 Expo Japan 2018 Trailers! My brief analysis

  1. Boo going “Mike Wazowski!” was my favorite part. Just so darn cute. The Ariel summon was a surprise.

    Although Rapunzel was wrecking those Heartless with her hair, I really want to see some Frying Pan Fu. Maybe once her hair gets styled in town?

  2. I’m definitely hyped for KH 3 to finally show up. I feel like we’ve been waiting for a long time at this point so I’m ready for the payoff. It’ll still be tough to beat Kingdom Hearts II, but if any game can do it, it’s this one.

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