Sword Art Online news: Alicization entire anime and Spin-off OP/ED singer!


Announced at a fan event called SAO and GGO New Anime and Original Work Stage, Kazuma Miki stated that the upcoming Sword Art Online season 3 anime will cover the entire Alicization arc. Kazuma Miki is the light novel editor to the story and producer to the anime. Reki Kawahara is the creator and author of the light novel series Sword Art Online. From assumption, rather than having multiple arcs like the past seasons, season will only be focused on Alicization (SAO season 1 had the Sword Art Online and Fairy Dance arcs, and season 2 had Phantom Bullet, Calibur and Mother Rosario arcs). In the light novels, the Alicization arc covers volume 9-18 and it takes place after the events in Mother Rosario and Ordinal Scale movie.


Sword Art Online Alternative Gun Gale Online

Also announced from the event, we got news on who will sing for the opening and ending song for the spin-off anime, Sword Art Online Alternative Online. It’s been revealed that the voice actress Tomori Kusunoki will be performing for both songs for the anime. It’s unknown what is the name of the songs, but Kusunoki will be doing both parts. She is also the voice actress for the character Llenn. This anime is set to be premiered in April this year.





21 thoughts on “Sword Art Online news: Alicization entire anime and Spin-off OP/ED singer!

  1. It’s time to take season two off of its on hold status and actually watch the second half of it. I need to be ready! Even if it’s just for the April spin off.

    Golly, covering a total of 10 volumes in a single season sounds staggering. I’ll really have to read the volumes, considering how much they’ll probably leave out.

  2. I’m definitely hyped to see it adapt the whole arc. I’m still in the middle of reading it in novel format and while it seems to have a slow start I’m sure it’s going to pick up soon after. As long as we get hype action scenes and Kirito beating everyone up then it should be great.

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