FFXV news: Pre-order bonus for Steam users

We are near the end of February and as we approach March, Square Enix are giving players more surprises for those who are eager to play FFXV.

To those who don’t know, Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition is coming to PC on March 6th; Windows, Origin and Steam users will be able to experience Final Fantasy XV on their PC in beautiful graphics, fun mods and experience the season pass and Royal Edition.

For an added bonus for steam users, players who pre-purchase Final Fantasy XV before May 1st will receive a Half-Life DLC pack.

According to Twitter, players will be able to dress Noctis as Gordon Freeman from the Half-Life series for the single player story. Also, in Multiplayer Comrades, players will obtain costume pieces to dress up your character as Gordon Freeman.

I never played the Half Life series, but I hear this game is popular for Steam users. Unfortunately, just like Kingdom Hearts III, the third game is stuck on hiatus.