Friday Funny 149: February Frenzy


Thank God it’s Friday! Welcome back to another episode of Friday Funny. Can you believe that today is the last Friday of February and we are near March. March is going to be an exciting month because that is my birth month and also Spring is near. Say goodbye to cold days and nights and get ready for cool and mild climate. Like January, February has been crazy and it’s not just Valentines Day. We had the Super Bowl where the Patriots finally lost and no matter how many times the commentators tried to say the Eagle’s win didn’t count, we won fair and square. We had the Olympics recently and to be honest, I didn’t pay attention. We got to see some trailers of Kingdom Hearts III in which we finally get to see a Monsters, Inc. world and a movie trailer of the Incredibles 2. We had some tragic news such as the school shooting at Florida and now everyone is blaming the government for this tragic event. Some say that gun control needs to be more strict while others say that the problem is the people’s fault.  Besides this, the movie the Black Panther is getting a lot of positive attention and it’s one of the top 5 blockbuster movies besides Star Wars: The Force Awakens. According to some reviewers, this movie did better than most solo MCU movies like Iron Man and Captain America. I watched this movie on a Sunday after the premiere and I have to admit, this movie was amazing! It’s so good that my blogger friend Shay loved it and went to see it multiple times. Funny how she is gets excited for Black Panther and here I am happy and excited after watching the Disney XD cartoon Spider-Man. Be sure to support Shay’s YouTube channel and blog and if you like anime, Harry Potter, Marvel or reading, say hi to her!

Let’s not forget that Black Panther is not the only popular African American superhero that appeared in the movies. We have Storm from X-Men and we have Blade. I haven’t seen Blade, but I hear that the movie helped started the Marvel movies years ago.

Anyway, let’s end February with a blast. Also don’t forget to donate to my Ko-fi.

To end this post, I decided to do something different. I will be sharing some anime video game trailers! I don’t know the exact release dates, but I noticed that we will be getting a lot of anime video games. Games like Black Clover, My Hero Academia (I am hoping it comes out globally!), Seven Deadly Sins, a Gun Online game story of Sword Art Online, an open world One Piece game and a Naruto-Boruto game. Plus some new DLCs coming for Dragon Ball games In Dragon Ball FighterZ, we will be getting the popular DBZ villain Broly and the fan favorite and awesome Saiyan dad, Bardock. In Xenoverse 2, there’s an upcoming DLC pack which will include Universe 11 warrior Jiren and Universe 7 Super version Android 17, along with a swimsuit version of 18. Last but not least, a leak has occurred where fans will be receiving a Mastered Ultra Instinct Goku only for Xenoverse 2. With all this said, save up your money and get ready to play some of your favorite anime games!

Sayonara anime fans!

4 thoughts on “Friday Funny 149: February Frenzy

  1. I’ve always thought it would be really cool if all the streets turned into rivers and you had to go places in a boat. Not that I want to see a natural disaster, just a “magic powers turned everywhere into Venice” for a day or two with fun floats instead of gondolas. But even if that happened, there’s no fast food place for me to float to…

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