Spider-Man (2017 TV series) season 1 spoiler-free review

Wikipedia synopsis:

After the death of his Uncle Ben, an intelligent teenager named Peter Parker comes to his own terms of becoming a masked superhero named Spider-Man when he was bitten by a radioactive spider during a school field trip to Oscorp and given spider-like powers.

IMDb synopsis:

An insecure but courageous and intelligent teen named Peter Parker, a new student of Midtown High, is bitten by a radioactive spider and given powers. He becomes a hero named Spider-Man after the death of his uncle and he must adapt to this new way of life.

Since I couldn’t find a good synopsis, I added these two from different sites, but I will also try to give one made by myself with some background information.

Background: Back to basics

This Spider-Man cartoon (I usually call it Spider-Man 2017 since it debuted on TV in 2017), is a new Spider-Man series that replaced the previous running series Ultimate Spider-Man. As Ultimate Spider-Man ended and with the popularity of the movie Spider-Man: Homecoming, it was time for Marvel and Disney to try and create a new series focusing on webhead. To help promote the series and make people easily jump into Spider-Man, Marvel and Disney XD released a six part short titled Origins on YouTube which revealed the origin to Peter Parker’s beginning of Spider-Man. I won’t go into details and if you want to know my opinion on Origins and the first episodes, check it out here on the hyperlink.

My Experience on Spider-Man cartoons

If anyone knows about me, my favorite Marvel hero is Spider-Man. I like the character and his powers and the enemies in the stories, whether it is from the movies, comics or video games. My memory is vague, but I think the only Spider-Man cartoons I seen as a kid was Spider-Man and the Amazing Friends and the fan favorite Spider-Man the Animated Series.



I didn’t get experience other cartoons such as the MTV Spider-Man The New Animated Series (AKA Spider-Man MTV), Spider-Man: Unlimited or everyone’s favorite The Spectacular Spider-Man. I am not sure for myself, but based on what I hear, The Spectacular Spider show that even though it looks like it was designed for kids, it had elements that even adults would like and it combined versions like the Sam Raimi’s movies and the early 1960s comics.




I did try their previous show Ultimate Spider-Man, but I ended up dropping it. Ultimate Spider-Man was the Spectacular Spider-Man’s replacement after it got cancelled. Ultimate Spider-Man took a kid friendly approach to the the Ultimate comics and the show wanted Spider-Man to interact with other Marvel characters and the themes could be somewhat similar to Avengers cartoons. The reason why I dropped it because it wasn’t because it was kid friendly and silly, I felt it wasn’t a “Spider-Man” cartoon. There would be episodes where Spider-Man would either be solo in his adventures or team up with members of Shield; in a way, it felt like it was trying to be like an Avengers version of Spider-Man.

When I first heard about this show, I was a bit iffy, but then when I heard Robbie Daymond (voice of Prompto from Final Fantasy XV or Masked Tuxedo in the new dub for Sailor Moon) and Max Mittleman (voice of Saitama from One-Punch Man) was going to be in this show, I decided to jump into the series. Anyway, sorry for delaying this review, I am going to try and explain my thoughts on this show’s season and if it’s worth it.

Story: My life as a teenage human boy with spider powers and great responsibility

(I am assuming you watched the Origin short.)

There are 24 episodes to season 1 and there are some episodes which as arcs such involving Doc Ock, Spider-Island or Hobgobin.

The story begins with Peter Parker participating in a orientation for Horizon High, a high school made for scientists and the school is owned by Max Modell (first appeared in Spider-Man issue 648 or in Spider-Man Big Time). We learn that his friend Harry Osborn goes to the school, but when one of his inventions messes up, he gets blamed for it for endangering the people and gets kicked out. Following the incident, Peter gets enlisted to join Horizon High after demonstrating his knowledge science. As the story progresses, Peter must hide his identity from his family and friends and also save New York from those who seek power. Peter also meets new people who will later affect him in the story such as Miles Morales, an African American student who later becomes Ultimate Spider-Man and a prodigy student-teacher Dr. Otto Octavius. Whether Spider-Man is seen as a hero or menace, he has all this responsibility and he will use his powers for good.

The Spider-Man series first starts off very basic as we see Peter encounter the iconic foes one episode out of time. The first half of the show is plays like a rinse and repeat; Normal day for Peter, something weird happens, Spider-Man encounters a villain (Kraven, Venom, Vulture, the Jackal etc.), fight and Spider-Man wins for now. However besides fighting, we also get to see Peter’s life constantly changing as he don’s the Spider-Man suit throughout each episode; the episodes reveal Spider-Man’s . When he first begins his superhero life, he wears his homemade suit like in the movie and doing his best to fight crime and making some blunders. However, when he upgrades the suit, he quickly matures and does his very best to avoid any mistakes and takes saving people by heart. In one of the episodes, Spider-Man wears the symbriote (black suit) in desperation for more power to stopping evil. In only a few episodes, he learns that having a lot of power can change people. Besides the costume change, every episode shows Spider-Man growth has he learns about people who will either be his ally or the ones that will be his enemy.

Characters: Same characters in a new show 

Just like any other Spider-Man story, this show’s season focuses on the characters and the way Disney does it, is surprisingly interesting. As usual, we have Peter and Harry’s friendship just like the comics where they respect each other, but they each share different opinions on Spider-Man; since Peter is Spider-Man, he considers himself as a hero while Harry thinks of him as menace because of the misfortune that happened to him. Miles Morales, Ultimate Spider-Man, is also handled well and whenever he is with Spider-Man, they are treated as partners rather than feeling like the sidekick. I also like how they made Dr. Octavius as a teenager and yet made him a teacher. He has knowledge of a scientist like the comics, but the relationship with Spider-Man and Norman Osborn feels unique and similar to the source material. As an added bonus, Avenger heroes like Iron Man and Hulk appears in few episodes, but this show still focused on Spider-Man rather than having tons of heroes in Ultimate Spider-Man. Personally, I like the choice for voice actors, especially for Spider-Man. Whenever Spider-Man says something funny, he makes the action feel at ease and if the show gets serious, the funny atmosphere is gone and we experience something serious.

Flaws: Season 1 feels like building blocks

For the first season, it’s already expected that Spider-Man will have some minor set backs to the show. First thing first is the lack of an opening theme song! If you heard Spider-Man: The Animated Series, you would remember the iconic guitar solo and the singer just singing Spider-Man’s name or the Spectacular Spider-Man catch theme. This show doesn’t have a theme song and is always reusing the same traditional instrumental music. According to some fans, some people would say that the designs of the characters feel very basic or childish. At first, I didn’t really like how the characters were drawn, but I got used to it as time passed. However, if you look at the designs of the Spectacular Spider-Man, even some people admitted that it also looked a bit awkward. Besides art and music, the story of the season is mostly centered on Peter’s life as he quickly realizes on who is good or evil. If you want to see some episodes focused on story, you might get hooked on the arcs The Rise of Doc Ock, Spider-Island and The Hob Goblin. At this point, the characters are established and people will be anticipating for action and drama. Overall, season 1 of Spider-Man takes most of its time introducing the characters as it slowly tries to hype the fans for story arcs.

Overall: Stopping at season 1 or going on to sophomore year in season 2

Was the series worth watching? Personally, I think it’s a good show despite it appearing as kid-friendly. It may not be mature like Spider-Man: the Animated series, but it does focus more on Spider-Man and his life as a teenager and superhero. The voice for the characters are great and matches with the characters. The iconic characters that appear in the Spider-Man universe is surprisingly good such as Ultimate Spider-Man and another Spider hero who I won’t give away. Overall, all 24 episodes helped established the characters and their connections towards each other. Now with an upcoming season 2, fans/viewers will able to watch more Spider-Man and focus on the action and story with knowledge of the characters. I hope we also get to see some other Marvel characters like Iron Man and Hulk, but in the same way, make it minimal where we can still enjoy seeing more Spidey action. If you enjoyed the movie Spider-Man: Homecoming and want more Spider-Man, check out this scientific, action show.

Comment down below on your opinion on what you thought about this show.

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12 thoughts on “Spider-Man (2017 TV series) season 1 spoiler-free review

  1. Sounds pretty good! I love Spiderman the animated series and spectacular Spider-Man. I definitely recommend the latter, it is very well done, especially in comparison to ultimate. I’ll have to check this new one out someday. There are so many superhero series i haven’t seen or completed.

  2. I love Spiderman as well. The only animated series that I have seen is Spiderman and his amazing friends. That was a seriously fun show. This one I havent’ seen yet, but it sounds great. As always: great post! 😊😀😊

  3. I completely agree on the lack of a theme song being unfortunate. It’s a real shame that a lot of Superhero cartoons seem to have ditched it lately. The classics were so good like the X-Men show or the 90’s Spider-Man. Hopefully this one will get a real theme song at some point. It’s definitely been a fun season. Not the greatest Spider-Man show by a longshot, but I do like how they’re setting up so many plot lines. It feels really nostalgic to the old comics, but with some modern twists like Spider-Gwen.

    • Yeah I agree. I like the twists they are doing like adding modern heroes like Ultimate Spider-Man and Spider-Gwen. Still, like you said, this does have the same feel like the 90s shows. Season 1 took a slow pace, but I thought it helped build the characters and world.

      • It’s definitely important to build up the cast and world. it’s not the most enjoyable thing at the time, but I’m sure we’re gonna get a lot of payoff in season 2. I’m really hoping we get to see Electro and Carnage for season 2. Adding in the rest of the Avengers would also be awesome of course

      • That’s what I was thinking too. I feel like season 2 will have more villains. I hope we see some Avenger characters like in season 1. I want to see Captain America and Thor.

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