Surprise Marvel news: Tony Stark actor wants Infinity War on April instead of May

If you think Tony Stark is a fictional character, you might be wrong because he did something unexpected today.

Revealed in a Twitter chat with Marvel, Robert Downy Jr (actor who plays as Tony Stark/Iron Man)had a fun-friendly chat with Marvel and ask if it’s possible to watch the upcoming Avengers movie “Avengers: Infinity War” earlier than expected. Surprisingly, they did! Rather than having the movie be released in theaters on May 4th, the movie will be on April 27th, a week earlier! Mark your calendars and cancel your plans!

According to Forbes, this is actually a good thing because this will give movies on May a chance to shine. On May, we have the sequel to Fox’s Marvel movie Deadpool 2 and a side story to the Star Wars Franchise, Solo: A Star Wars Story. Solo: A Star Wars Story is set to premier on theaters on May 25th. Deadpool 2 comes out on May 18th.



18 thoughts on “Surprise Marvel news: Tony Stark actor wants Infinity War on April instead of May

    • Haha maybe Marvel is like Thor and it gets more attention and Star Wars is Loki. Marvel really wants popularity ever since Black Panther did so well. XD

  1. This is amazing news, I am eager to know if Thanos will be able to capture the soul stone in Wakanda, I remember in the trailer he is seen there I also want to see how the story unfolds and the interaction between the other characters

    • Me too. I think I read some where that the last stone, the Soul Stone you mentioned will be in this movie. Just like you said, Thanos will probably be attacking Wakanda. I heard this movie is going to be part 1. Part 2 will be next year.

  2. A back story on Thanos was cut from the movie according to Russo brothers. All the same, I personally think it should have been included… I dont mind watching a 3 hour + Avengers movie😎

      • I haven’t my ticket and I doubt I am going to watch on day one. It’s going to be packed and I hear people already pre-ordered their tickets. It’s a hypothetical theory, but if Thanos survives in this movie, he might come back and we might learn about his past or his past could appear within the movie.We did see briefly in one of the trailers where Gamora was little.

      • Exactly👍… And I think you’ve watched movies long enough to know some stuff shown in trailers can be cut from the movie… Thats my assumption. I don’t think that scene will feature… But I might be wrong😎

      • That’s something to remember. I do remember they did that in Thor Ragnarok. Marvel will trick us fans and change it up. Still, I don’t think Thanos is going to die easily in this movie.

      • Yeah, me too. In his locker of abilities, he has longevity, hightened senses, superstrength and speed, genius level intellect, telepathy and energy manipulation….. and that’s without the infinity stones. He won’t go down easy😎

      • Yeah I think I remembered watching a video about him. Thanos is a tough without the infinity stones. If he is already strong without them, I can’t imagine him with it.

  3. Thank for you sharing! I loved Avengers:Infinity War so much, its such a great movie! I got the insane opportunity to go to the World Premiere on the 23rd. I was just in front of Tom Holland during the screening at the Dolby Theater, he was with his brothers and they were all so sweet! I got to talk to members of the cast and they were all incredibly nice! I wrote two posts on my blog about it (one about the premiere and another one about after party) if you’d like the check it out!

    Love, Tiffany Lea

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