The Mystery Blogger Award

mystery blogger award

If I had a dollar for every award I receive, I would end up being richer than Kanye West. LOL!

Anyway, thank you Kat Sade from GrimmGirl for nominating me for this Mystery Blogger Award. As always, I do like getting these awards, but too bad I get a bad habit of doing these late. I am happy to do these awards and answer your questions. Here is the rules:

  • Put the award/logo on your blog
  • List the rules
  • Thank whoever nominated you, link to their blog, and answer their questions
  • Mention the creator of this award (I have no idea who that is… you might say it’s a mystery)
  • Nominate people (I usually do five but you can do as many as you want honestly)
  • Ask your nominees 5 questions with one weird or funny one
  • Share link to one of your best posts

One of my best posts

To start this award post, I want to share one of my best posts from my blog. I recommend reading “Response: My anime beginning story“. This post talks about how I got into anime specifically.

President Kat’s questions

1. If you could bring back one cancelled show what would it be?

I would like to see Loonatics Unleashed return. I heard from my friend Allie that this cartoon was cool and funny, but it only made it to two seasons.

2. What was the first anime you ever watched?

My first anime that I got into was Pokemon. When I was little, I thought it was a cartoon because it appeared with cartoons like Animanics and Tiny Toon Adventures.

3. What is a goal you have as a blogger?

I want to be able to make my blog into a career. I would like to make money from my writing. Writing is what I am good at and I want to share my voice to the world.

4. Who is your favorite Sailor Moon character?

I haven’t seen Sailor Moon, but I heard a bit about the characters. I like the protagonist Serena Tsukino because I hear she is strong and silly. I also like Tuxedo Mask because I heard one of my favorite voice actor Robbie Daymond voiced him.

5. Last anime you dropped and why?

I think the last anime I dropped was Mobile Suit Gundam: Unicorn. After I saw the first season of Iron-Blooded Orphans, I was curious about trying other Gundam series. When I heard Toonami would premier Unicorn, I decided to give it a try. I forget how many I episodes I watched, but I stopped around 10 episodes because it looked boring to me. I think I fell asleep one time. Eventually, I will probably give this anime another try in the future.




A Reluctant Hero

Shay Taree

The AniMessenger

My five questions

What is your favorite pizza topping?

Do you still watch SpongeBob SquarePants?

What is your favorite Pokemon?

What is your favorite show that no one likes?

Have you seen a movie in which you heard it was good, but it was awful?

Manga/Anime News: Shonen Jump Dr. Stone print books and Aniplex Blu-Ray anime

Viz Media

If you have been reading Weekly Shonen Jump, you may have seen this series Dr. Stone. On a website, Viz Media announced that this sci-fi survival series Dr. Stone will be released in print and the first volume will be on September this year. The manga artist was done by Boichi (artist in Sun-Ken Rock)and the author was done by Inagaki (author of Eyeshield 21)


In the story, Taiju is about to confess to the girl he loves when a mysterious force hits the Earth and turns every human into stone. Taiju and his friend Senku wake up thousands of years later and begin to rebuild society.

If you are into science and anything survival, you may like this series.

Aniplex of America

Recently announced yesterday at Kawaii-Kon, Aniplex of America will be releasing Blu-Ray sets for anime titles like Granblue Fantasy, Eromanga Sensei, Oreimo and Oreimo 2. According to ANN, Granblue Fantasy will have English Dub. Here is what the site says:

The Japanese and English casts for Granblue Fantasy stars:

Julie Maddalena-Kliewer directed the English dub, and Michael McConnohie wrote the dub.

Granblue Fantasy will ship in two US$79.98 volumes on May 15 and July 17. Each volume will include an original soundtrack CD composed by Nobuo Uematsu (Final Fantasy games), a deluxe booklet (with character, prop, and background art), and exclusive illustration cards. Volume 1 will contain television episodes 1-7 and textless opening and ending sequences, while volume 2 will contain television episodes 8-12 and two “Extra” episodes exclusive to home video.

The anime Oreimo (including 2) and Eromanga Sensei will still be in subtitles, but they will have all the episodes with bonus anime content including OVAS. Both Oreimo anime sets will be out on separate dates on May 29 and August 21.


From the same creator of Oreimo, Eromanga Sensei is another anime that’s coming out on Blu-Ray. The sets will be out on June 12 and August 14 each $49.95.

Save up your money and prepare to spend more on books and anime!