Happy 4 Years of Blogging!

Awesome (personal) news!

This blog, Matt-in-the-Hat, has reached 4 years! Fantastic four years of blogging. My blog has been around since 2014.

It’s crazy how I started blogging all because of school at college. In one of my classes, I had to make an account in order to get graded. I talked about random news as a way to show the importance of the public sphere. After I got done with the class, instead of deleting this account, I left this blog thinking I will never come back. It wasn’t until near the end of 2014 where I decided to use this blog to express my interest in anime and video games. I was originally going to use this blog to keep on tabs on my life like a journal, but I changed my mind in order keep my life private.

2015 was a slow start to my blog as I didn’t find much people to talk to. Instead of waiting until people came by for a visit, I jumped around online. I think my first person to meet was Arria from Fujinsei because I found out she likes One Piece and I wanted to share my interests too. I also met other people who I liked to talk to such as joinning in discussions like Shay from Anime Reviewer Girl, talking about video games and Kill la Kill with Kauses or talking to Takuto about Sword Art Online. I also met some people who showed tons of love to anime and respect the otaku life like Lita and Haikyuu fans Naja and Kat Sade. There were tons of people I have met, but I can’t list them all. Maybe you can comment down below how did I meet you guys.

With 4 years of blogging, I have been trying to keep up with sharing the news in regards to my interests, writing reviews on topics I experienced and I even did my traditional TGIF posts. Would you believe me that Matt-in-the-Hat is a nickname of mine all because it’s based on the book Cat in the Hat. No doubt about that!

In all my years of writing and sharing my thoughts without hesitation, I didn’t think it was going to take me to further places. In the beginning of 2017, I was enlisted into the blogging team, the OWLS. The OWLS is a group of anibloggers or anivloggers who promote self-respect and support anyone. We use topics like anime, movies or writings to help get the point across. As a writer, I have a habit to write out all my thoughts and emotions on my blog and I am not afraid to speak up. In person, I am shy guy who can be a nerve wreck to speak, but thanks to online and writing, I am courageous.

Thank you everyone for staying with me for four years. Let’s try to aim for 5 years! Peace be with you!