Dragon Ball Super video featuring KrisPNatz

I received an email from a YouTuber named KrisPNatz asking if I can feature this video on my blog after finding out the announcement for the Dragon Ball Super movie. If you like this video and Youtuber, go like this video and follow his channel for Dragon Ball content.

I am sorry that I took this long to watch and respond to your video. I hope I didn’t give any hard feelings. Since he likes Dragon Ball Super and I like it, I figured he’s a cool dude and I was right. Pretty funny guy.

In this video, Chris talks about Dragon Ball Super and how much it affected the DB community. He begins with it bys saying some history like after Z, we got content like GT and the fan series AF. Along the way, he points out some interesting topics that Super brought back some memorable characters like Future Trunks, Android 17 and even Frieza. He did critique on the fact that the series’ animation had a rough start especially with the Beerus arc. It’s unknown what the future holds for Dragon Ball since the series is over and we lost to the key voice actress to Bulma, but there is a shed of light in the tunnel. We have the upcoming movie set in December and the Dragon Ball is not official over. More or less, there is always room for more Dragon Ball and if there is more possibilities, Goku and his friends will have more adventures and we can be part of it at home or in a room with our friends, family or self.

Once again, I am sorry for the delay. I hope you like this featured post.