[OWLS April Blog Tour] The Lion King 2: African Melody that roars like a Christian Lion

Blog Tour Topic: Melody

In one way, music is form of healing and self-expression. For this month’s topic, we will be exploring some of our favorite musical pieces (anime/drama OSTs, movie soundtracks, music genres and etc.) and how it has impacted our lives and/or reasons why we enjoy listening to it. 

Just in case, there might be spoilers, but I will try to keep it a minimum. Thank you Allie for the idea! Also, make sure you read Lynlynsay’s post about melody at her blog.

Music is tangible 

Music is everywhere. Whether it is sung or played, music exists everywhere. Played right or listened at the right time, it can affect the emotions and thoughts on people. Just like this quote from the Regular Show, music can’t be touched with physical touch, but the music can touch your heart and hit you where it really impacts.


Disney films are well-known for crafting colorful characters with a rich story and memorable music. Walt Disney’s first feature length film was Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs and was created in 1937. Snow White became the first Disney Princess and it was one of the earliest Grimm fairy tales where Disney made it kid friendly. Originally, the Grimm Fairy Tales were heavily dark and it did involve death; the stories were more aimed for adult readers. Just like magic, whatever Walt Disney touched, he help created wonderful stories and made relateable characters even after his death. Disney can make story about a Hamlet story with only African animals, a curious mermaid seeking the outside world or teach us that true beauty is not about appearances and it lies in the heart.  This movie helped pioneered future films which later became our childhood favorite or something makes you watch over and over again. Not only Disney is well-known for making a story and characters, they can make music.

Disney is iconic in the world of music; you know the music is good when you can memorize the lyrics and it helps uplift your soul. What I like about Disney is that they can take a song make it fitting to the movie. For example, in The Lion King, they used African tribe songs for the songs “The Circle of Life” and “King of Pride Rock” to give the songs, an authentic feel; this explains why you hear African lyrics in the background. The introduction song to Aladdin “Arabian Nights” give the movie a sense of curiosity and mystery as if you are entering a new world.

As a music lover, I love music and I love Disney. My favorite movie from Disney is The Lion King and I still love it even today. I watched this movie as a kid to all the way to adulthood. However, in this post, I am going to be talking about the sequel movie The Lion King 2: Simba’s Pride and its music.

What is The Lion King 2: Simba’s Pride? – A tale of two same lions from two different prides

According to the Disney Movies site, the story takes place after the events of the first movie where Simba is now king of Pride Rock and he is married to his childhood friend Nala and they give birth to a daughter named Kiara. As Kiara grows and learns about the Pride Lands (the home land in which Simba rules over and the light touches the land), she encounters another lion cub named Kovu who is outcasted to the Outlands with other banished lions. According to Simba, Simba banished a group of lions to the barren lands of the Outlands for supporting and following the evil and murderous king Scar (the uncle of Simba who also killed his father Mufasa). Now the leader of the Outlands, Zira holds a grudge against Simba and will do anything to avenge Scar. With these two lion leaders against each other, Simba and Zira forbid Kiara and Kovu from ever making contact with each other. As years passed, Kiara and Kovu grow up and see the bitterness against the two prides grow. This movie shows that these two new generation of lions will do what it takes to bring this bitter war to a close and remind them what is mean to have a pride.

Music – The singing voice of a lion

The Lion King 2: Simba’s Pride movie follows its predecessor by imitating African culture within the music such as African language, however, the movie does it in a different approach where it involves family and romance. Just like the OWLS prompt says, I am going to be talking music and how it affects me and/or how it can also affect others based on perspective and opinions.

He lives in you – He is God

The song “He Lives in you”, is the intro song to the movie and it acts like a replacement for the iconic song “The Circle of Life” from the first movie. In this one, we see all the animals walking to Pride Rock all according to the king, Simba. It was already revealed in the last scene of the first movie, Simba and Nala are married and they get a new child of the kingdom. but it is revealed in this intro, the child is a girl.

Through my perspective, this is a really powerful song and I felt like it was fitting for this opening scene. Just like the previous song, this one retains its African culture and it has a significant meaning according to the lyrics. When you read the lyrics, you will understand that this is talking about even though Mufasa no longer lives, he is still alive through memories and traditions. As long as Simba remembered everything his father taught him about the circle of life and the wisdom of the great kings of the past, he will be a greater king than Mufasa.

However, when I read the lyrics and listen to the song, it feels like something that a Christian can relate. Instead of seeing He as Mufasa, Christians can see this as God. By examining these lyrics here, we can see how it has a Christian message:

He lives in you, oh yeah, he lives in me
He watches over everything we see
Into the water, into the truth
In your reflection, he lives, he lives, he lives, he lives in you
He lives, he lives, he lives in you
He watches over everything we see

When I hear this, I remember what I have been told through church that the word of God is true. Even if you feel alone or lost, God is by your side and He is watching over your future. He is not far to sense His presence, but He is actually close. His word is still true to this day thanks to Jesus and His disciples. Jesus is God in the human flesh and He instructed his apostles everything He taught them so that people will know that God’s words and teachings live on. Looking at this today and hearing the song, I feel at ease knowing that I don’t need to worry in life because I know the truth is absolute and I trust God of my life.

We are one – Understanding God’s plans and your free will

This song appears after Simba reminds Kiara that she has to be safe in order to become the new leader of Pride Rock after she gets into trouble with Kovu. Kiara mentions she doesn’t want to be a queen because it’s not fun, but Simba tells her that saying that is like saying she is ignoring her identity and purpose. In song, he tells her about how he and her are the same and they can go through life together.

This is easily my favorite song in this movie. When taking this through a Christian perspective, there’s a lot to take from this song. When Simba starts singing, he tells Kiara about when life doesn’t go as well as planned, you feel upset and confused, but he reminds her that no matter what, he and the family are always with her to comfort her. In life, whenever I do try to plan out my life and fails, I get mad and confused because I thought God was going to guide me to that goal or dream. I get like Kiara because in her turn to sing, she sings if she should just play her role and accept life or stand up and be in control her life. However, my anger suddenly becomes a feeling of comfort and relief when I remember that God is in control and He has given me many great blessings like a family. Simba mentions that in life, even if we lose the ones we are close or we feel troubled in life, we are never alone. With family, we can comfort each other and go through together. We all go through life with struggles. but that doesn’t mean we should bare our burdens alone.

Not one of us – Never forget their crime

The song occurs where Simba is hurt from walking into Kovu’s home territory and blaming him when he learns that Zira sent Kovu to earn his trust. After recovering, Simba is furious that he the trust he given to Kovu was plot to get him killed. Not only him, but rest of the animals are angry at him. For his punishment, Simba banishes Kovu from the Pride Lands. The animals sing a song about how mad they are after finding out that someone who befriended Simba and tried to kill. This song is about betrayal.

I think at most of us, we all have faced betrayal at one point in our lives. We could be the target or it could be someone you know personally. We all have been either lied or cheated. I don’t remember a time in my life where I can relate to this song, but I know it’s painful. As a Christian, we have to learn to forgive anyone including our enemies. Forgiving someone who hurt you is one of the toughest things to do when you know you have to meet that person. In my advice, you should forgive the person, but never forget what they did to you. You can move on in life knowing you accepted the reality of the pain, but you must not forget that they hurt you and their trust will be difficult to regain. However, if the person asks for forgiveness in sin from God and they repent, God will erase the sin and will give you a new start.

Conclusion – Sing with melody and roar like a lion

In this overall post, I wanted to share why I enjoyed the movie and how the music can hit home. Regardless to whether you like this movie or prefer the first, the music is something I think anyone should listen if you’re going through a challenge in life. For me, when I hear “He Lives in You”, I am reminded that God is part of our life when we set forth on this Earth. In “We Are One”, God is in control in my life and whenever I get lost because He’s on control, I don’t need to take this journey of life alone. “Not One of Us” is something to think about when feeling hurt; You can forgive the person, but don’t forget the pain they caused you. Overall, The Lion King 2: Simba’s Pride is just like first The Lion King movie, it’s an animated film with more than just talking animals, it’s about the messages in the songs and how do we handle in life.

Thank you for reading my post, next person for the topic of Melody is our new recruit Mel. Go check out his YouTube video.

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  4. I LOVE “He Lives in You”! And I LOVE Disney! I just started blogging so I don’t have many posted yet, but I do a lot of Disney incorporating as I write about Christianity. I think you’ll enjoy it. Let me know what ya think!

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