Blogger Appreciation Award nominated by Raistlin0903

I want to say thank you Raistlin0903 for nominating me for the Blogger Appreciation Award. I was nominated way back in January, but I forgot about this award and I feel bad. Thankfully, I was able to remember and I will do whatever it takes to finish this post. I recommend following Raistlin0903’s blog if you like movie reviews and anime!

Here is the rules:

(1) Thank the blogger who nominated you, link back to their site.

(2) Write a paragraph of something positive about yourself.

(3) Nominate and notify as many bloggers as you wish.

(4) Use the award image.

Positive about myself?

Just like Raistlin0903, writing something positive about myself is kind of tricky; it’s easier said than done. Is there anything worth talking about that I can say about myself being positive. Well, I can say that even though I can freely chat with anyone and enjoy a good chat, but deep down I am really shy and collective. I am just a normal guy who likes to write about things that piques my interests. I appreciate anyone coming here and saying hi to me and commenting on the things I write. I try to take my time and respond back to anyone who wishes to hear back from me. You guys help make feel special for someone who just loves to write. I guess one of the positive things I have in my life is my supporters, my friends and my family. Everyone has supported me through life. Thank you guys for being with me.


Now we reached the part where I choose who is awesome. There is no limit to how many can I pick. If you feel like writing your own post on the Blogger Appreciation Award, fell free to do so and share with us what is something positive.

Mistress of Yaoi


The Spooky Red Head



Matt Doyle Media Dot Com

Rocco B

Thank you for reading and remember that you guys help made it possible. You guys deserve all the credit.

25 thoughts on “Blogger Appreciation Award nominated by Raistlin0903

  1. Thanks for the nominations Matt :D. I think you’ve come a long way, from the shy quiet guy to someone who can communicate quite confidently. Even if it is through written form, it’s still a form of communicating.

      • I can relate to that, not so confident in person. I do tend to open my mouth sometimes – which can be surprising. Like yourself, I’m far more confident through my written form.

        BTW, since you tried out the MP in FFXV. Have you tried out that MMORPG Tera?. It’s free for both PS4 and XB. Also enjoy God of War :D.

      • I can relate to you. I feel like once I get comfortable talking, I just changed from being quiet to someone talkative.

        I haven’t tried Tera, but I might give it a try if it’s free. Thanks for the update :). I really want that God of War game.

  2. Oh my god thank you so much for the nomination! I absolutely love your blog the things you write about are really interesting. I hope you get to the point on your blog where you can get paid for your blogging. Your super nice and I know the blogging community greatly appreciates you!

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