Friday Funny 159: May the Fourth be with you


Thank God it’s Friday! Welcome back Jedi masters and padawans for another exciting adventure of Friday Funny. Today is a special day because today is May 4th which is also known as Star Wars Day or also known as May the Fourth be with you. May 4th 1977 is the day when the first Star Wars movie premiered in theaters and it was directed by George Lucas. The last film he did on the series was the final film in the prequel Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith in 2005. Besides this, I hope everyone is doing okay this week. If you haven’t seen the movie Avengers: Infinty War yet, don’t worry about spoilers here because I haven’t seen it and I don’t intend to let out any spoilers. I do hear it’s a great movie that it even broke the record with the movie Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens.

Now that we are in May, let’s get ready for upcoming events. In the movie industry, we have movies such as the upcoming Star Wars story spinoff, Solo: A Star Wars Story. Solo is a movie about a young Han Solo and his adventures with Chewbacca and Lando. Also coming from Marvel is the return of the loudmouth merc Deadpool in the movie Deadpool 2. In the calendar for holidays, we have Mother’s Day in May 13th and Memorial Day on May 28th. Last but not least, the OWLS have started a new blog tour for May and it’s called Movement. Here is what the prompt says:

“We join movements, organizations, and systems that align with our own personal values and beliefs. Sometimes we join these groups because they believe in doing good and making positive changes in society. However, these movements can turn sour when a dictator arises or behind the good intentions, there’s a hidden agenda of oppression. It is in these groups that individuals start to shape their identities by questioning their values and beliefs or conforming to the system. This month, we will be examining “real and/or fictitious” movements, organizations, or systems in anime and other pop culture mediums, and the positive and negative effects they have on individuals and society.”

Please read and support the OWLS posts such as Kat and mine.

With all this said, let’s begin this epic post!

To end this post, here are some Star Wars videos!

May the force be with you!

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16 thoughts on “Friday Funny 159: May the Fourth be with you

  1. Happy Friday & Star Wars Day! May the 4th Be With you! Have a nice weekend and hope you get a chance to see Avengers Infinity War soon as well, great film! I’m going to see it for the second time again this weekend 🙂

    • Happy Friday and May the 4th be With You! I’m hoping to see Avengers Infinity War this weekend. It sounds it was a major hit in theaters. ☺️

      • Thank you very much! Yes, Avengers Infinity War has been an amazing hit, everyone is talking about it. Enjoy the film, be interesting to hear what you think of it when you’ve seen it. Have fun 🙂

      • LOL, yeah know what you mean. Had the same problem writing the review of the movie, didn’t want to mention any spoilers either. Enjoy the movie when you see it 🙂

      • Awesome film, I really enjoyed it! It a film that certainly tests the heroes of the MCU to the limit as well against the powerful menace of Thanos!

      • Yes, Thanos was an awesome presence in Avengers Infinity War. Going to be so exciting to see what happens next year in Avengers 4! Looking foward to Captain Marvel as well, and Ant man and the Wasp 🙂

      • Me too! I think Marvel is doing a great job on the super heroes film. I’m really curious on Ant Man since his movie takes place after Civil War. Captain Marvel will be in the 90s.

      • They certainly have. Yes, the setting for Ant Man and Captain Marvel open up lots of new possibilities and potential storylines while we wait for Avengers 4.

      • I know Captain Marvel will take place years before where Nick Fury is younger and I wonder what happened to Ant Man after Civil War. We’re going to get some inside stories.

      • Yeah, Ant Man and the Wasp is sure to be a fun movie, and fill in the gaps after Civil War. Really looking foward to Captain Marvel, will be great to see this earlier period of the MCU 🙂

      • Yeah I agree and I feel like Ant Man and the Wasp will give fans a breather from the Avengers movie. I am so ready to Captain Marvel and how is she going to help the Avengers in the next movie. 🙂

    • I still laugh at this skit whenever I see this. What’s funny is that Kylo Ren disguised himself as Matt and that’s my name.

      I finally saw the Avengers movie and I love it! I hope your weekend is fun. 🙂

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