Anime Expired! Goodbye Kenichi and Case Closed!

This was announced on Friday without warning in regards to FUNimation.

According to the FUNimation forums, the adminstrator announced that the anime series Kenichi the Mightiest Disciple and Case Closed is no longer in or VRV. The reason why is because FUNimation’s license for both anime is expired. This means the right to stream the anime is gone and the only way you can enjoy these anime is if you can try to find DVD copies. Websites like Amazon could help especially if you are looking for Case Closed.

Kenichi the Mightiest Disciple has two seasons with English and Japanese Dub. FUNimation licensed and released five seasons of Case Closed. According to ANN, the episodes that FUNimation licensed (about 130 episodes) are removed from Crunchyroll, but the rest of the episodes like episode 754 and later are still there.


22 thoughts on “Anime Expired! Goodbye Kenichi and Case Closed!

  1. I love watching Case Closed with my sister! I think there are like 50 episodes on Netflix, and the same collection (but more episodes) on Crunchyroll. Although, I haven’t checked recently. xP

    • Yeah that’s business. I guess the limit on the contract already reached it’s limit. I heard from a friend from high school said it’s a good fight series.

    • This means that FUNimation will stop selling the English Dub DVDs they licensed. The episodes that they didn’t dub will probably still be streamed.

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