Original Guilty Gear game port announced


Arc System Works is well known for creating excellent anime fighting games. They created games like Blazblue, Guilty Gear and recently DragonBall FighterZ. Announced from Twitch, the team announced that they will port the original Guilty Gear game from 1998 to the PS4, Switch and Steam. The original game was released for Playstation 1 on 1998. There is no release date for the game yet.


6 thoughts on “Original Guilty Gear game port announced

      • I played GG XX on the original xbox, fell in love with it. Ky Kiske is my fav. Have you tried GG Xrd on the PS4?.

      • Yeah, it is good. There is a lot of rock references, for example Sol Badguy is a reference to Freddie Mercury, whose nickname was Mr. Badguy. System arc also made another anime fighting game blaz blue. They don’t use rock references, but the story can be confusing if you haven’t played the earlier entries. I came in to it late, so I get confused at times.

      • Oh cool! This reminds me of the anime JoJo Bizarre Adventures where the creator based the characters from singers. I do like music and I think I might like this than Blazblue. I just visited your blog right now.

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