Devilman Crybaby anime review

Netflix description:

With demons reawakened and humanity in turmoil, a sensitive demon-boy is led into a brutal, degenerate war against evil by his mysterious friend, Ryo.

*No spoilers!

I want to give a shout out to @wicked_ninja123 who recommended me this anime. Thank you for choosing this anime for when I got Netflix. He actually been telling to me watch this because it’s good. So after finally getting Netflix in April, I decided to check this anime. I have no idea about the series, but according @wicked_ninja123 he told me that Devilman Crybaby is a series created by Go Nagai’s classic manga of Devilman. Go Nagai also created well known titles such as Cutie Honey and the mecha series MazingerZ. He also help pioneered the early ecchi genre and made a series called Harenchi Gakuen. Anyway, there is also a classic version, but I don’t much about it other than the fact it helped started sequels, prequels and side stories. Devilman Crybaby was directed by Masaaki Yuasa who directed artistic anime like Ping Pong the Animation and Mind Games.

Devilman Crybaby is like Parasyte: the maxim; both anime are based on a really old manga, but they got a touch up by adding modern technology like cell phones and tablets and characters. However, Devilman Crybaby feels like anime like Berserk or Elfen Lied because they graphically violent.

The following review I am going to talk about will not have spoilers and this anime can only be viewed in Netflix.

Story – A demon with a human’s heart

The story begins with a young teenager named Akira Fudo who lives with a classmate and childhood friend named Miki Makimaru and living a normal life. The reason why Akira lives with Miki is because his family are out for a business trip. Both Akira and Miki go to the same school and are part of the same track team. Miki is the school’s top runner and also a sports model, while Akira is a good runner and great team supporter, but whenever he loses, he cries. The story gets interesting when Akira’s closest friend Ryo Asuka shows and in request of help. Ryo is the same age as Akira, but he is rich and already considered as a professor. Ryo tells Akira that while on a trip to South America with a friend, he encountered a demon and the demon took over his friend. Believing that demons are real, Ryo takes Akira to an underground rave party called the Sabbath where people indulge for pleasure. The investigation of the party gets serious when demons show up and terrorizes the party goers. Seeing all this death and his friend Ryo in danger causes the weak and innocent Akira to transform into a powerful demon. However, unlike the demons, Akira retains his humanity and kills every demon at the party Akira has transformed into a demon, but he has a human heart where he still care for others. This is birth of Devilman.

Characters – A boy who cries vs a boy who never cries

The protagonist of the series is Akira Fudo. When you watch the first episode, Akira Fudo has a look of an innocent young boy who loves to race and be with his friends. Even he is not strong, he will be there for his friends. However, as soon as you get pass the first episode, Akira becomes tough and aggressive, but still holds the gentle heart of a child. One of the most interesting quality of Akira is his ability to cry for others and to anyone who can’t cry. If anything upsets Akira like losing a race, he can’t help but shed some tears and cry like a baby. Even after he does change from his powers, he cries whenever he senses pain from people who can’t cry.

The next character to get the attention is Ryo Asuka. Unlike Akira, Ryo is stoic and mysterious young man who doesn’t express his emotions and has no sympathy for living creatures. Whether he sees a dying cat or seeing people’s death, Ryo shrugs it off as if they are insects and does what he pleases. Ryo has a goal to get rid of all demons and he is willing to do whatever it takes to bring peace even if he is willing to sacrifice his closest friends and humanity.

Out of the side characters in the series, the one that I grew fond is Miki Makimaru. Miki is a cute girl with excellent skills in running and she has caring nature to protect people including Akira. Miki comes from a Christian family who takes care of Akira like family and she puts her family ahead than herself.

Anime Review – A show for crybabies?

After watching this anime, Devilman Crybaby is a well done and up to date anime. This has great and creative animation where it can drastically change during certain circumstances. If the story is calm, the animation feels smooth and if something gets intense and serious like a fight moment, the anime breaks away and enters into a surreal flow of animation. The animation varies and it changes when a mood occurs. The music in the anime is top notched and it has habit of giving off some unique beat. In this updated version of the story, the anime uses party like music and uses rap which is surprising kind of clever. Like I mentioned, the anime is great to watch and the story and characters is another thing to look at while watching this. Besides the violence, the anime really questions you on who is worse, humans or demons. This anime is only ten episodes as well and with a time length for about 25 mins. This is good if you want to binge watch, but this also means the pacing is fast. First couple of episodes starts off slow with the typical theme of killing demons. I am not going to talk about the rest, but as soon as you get to episode 5 and up, the story quickly gets dark and the pacing is really fast; the story also skips ahead because of the pacing.

In content wise there is a reason why this anime is in Netflix. This anime has explicit content such as religious themes concerning Satanism (this deals with demon vs demon content) and it has graphic violence and gore. There is sex in it too and it’s uncensored. If you are easily offended by all this stuff. This may not be your type of show. If you seen shows like Berserk, Walking Dead or Game of Thrones, get ready for some eye openers.


Is this anime worth watching? Personally, it depends. The story is good and I do like the English Dub. The characters are quite interesting and I really like Akira and his personality. I don’t really like the themes of the devil, but I do like the action. I thought the pacing for 10 episodes was pretty good and I will admit, I did cry a bit in the last couple of episodes. If you don’t like violence or sexual content, this is not for you. This anime is hardcore graphic and it’s not for everyone. If you can look pass all this and see this as a classic anime redone for a new generation, it’s not that bad. What do you guys think about Devilman Crybaby?

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6 thoughts on “Devilman Crybaby anime review

  1. I’m really glad you enjoyed Crybaby, as I figured it wouldn’t be up your alley based on its religious undertones and demonic pleasures. It’s got a really interesting cast full of a variety of emotional ranges, such as the coldness of Ryo vs. Akira’s overflowing tears and Miki’s kindheartedness vs. Maki’s intense drive to be better than her friend. Lots of contrast all around. And YES, that musical score is to die for!

    Again, I’m thrilled that you liked this series!

    • Thanks Takuto! I stepped out and wanted to see why was this anime is good from I hear. You are right about the characters. I think the emotions with the characters like Akira and Ryo is something to watch and see developed in these episodes. In the end, I kind of like some of the characters. I surprisingly loved Maki when we learned abut her. That intro is catchy!

  2. I enjoyed this anime for the story mostly. The pacing yeah was off at first, but gosh it really picked up in the end. It was a hard watch to be sure, but still very well done in the end.

    • I like this anime too and I thought it had a slow start too. After getting past the first episodes, things went fast and the story got intense. Good show though.

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