Friday Funny 164: Congratulations Superstar


Thank God it’s Friday! You might be wondering what’s the special occasion besides being a Friday. Recently, my younger brother Christopher graduated high school on Thursday. He is the last member of the family to graduate. My older sister, myself and now my brother has graduated from high school. High school has been one big roller coaster in his life, but he somehow made everyday fun. He was able to go his prom and attend in musical performances for his choir class. I am so happy to have an amazing brother who can step out of his comfort zone and be an extraordinary young man. If you have siblings and they either are graduating or already did, I wish to say congratulations. This may be the end of his high school year, but this is a new chapter in his life as he enters the big world. I don’t know how school works in other countries, but June over here is a big deal because this is the month where students ;eave and take home a diploma.

Also be sure to check out my OWLS post for this month of Pride and how it is important to be happy of one’s accomplishment.

Now let’s start this Friday already!

Here are some songs for anyone graduating!

Happy Friday! πŸ™‚

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