Friday Funny 165: An Incredible Friday? Where is my super suit?


Thank God it’s Friday! Welcome back everyone to another Friday posts. I hope everyone is doing okay and surviving the heat. As we enter the middle of the month, June is going to hit us with the summer heat 10x harder than before depending where you live. Today is a good day because today is movie Incredibles 2 is released in theaters. Ever since the first movie, which was released in 2004, many fans have demanded a sequel and even got a game adaptation which was formerly canon called The Incredibles: The Rise of the Underminer, but now we’re getting a movie with all the past actors with a whole new story. With this new story, Bob (father and hero Mr. Incredible) is a stay at home dad and has to take care of the kids while his wife Helen (Elasticgirl) takes the spotlight and becomes a hero sensation. So grab your supersuits and bring your kids to see a superhero family movie! Besides this movie, this past few days we had E3 and many gamers got some gaming news on anticipated games of this year and in 2019. From games like Super Smash Bros: Ultimate, Spyro, Spider-Man, Kingdom Hearts and many more, it’s going to be a good year and next year for gamers. Save up your money and preorder because you might need to buy another console.

Last but not least, my friend Allison (or Allie for short) will be graduating this Saturday. She is leaving college with a Bachelor’s Degree and moving on to the next chapter of her life! Congratulations on Allison and I am proud to see you finally showed the school who’s the boss!

With this said, let’s go!

Here are some “Incredible” videos!

Have a nice day heroes!

6 thoughts on “Friday Funny 165: An Incredible Friday? Where is my super suit?

      • Thank you! Yeah, there were so many great games at E3, liked the gameplay Trailers for Spider-Man, that game is going to be such fun to play. Also liked the look of Devil May Cry 5 and the new Resident Evil 2 remake. Lots of good stuff to look forward to, and the World Cup has started as well. Have a great weekend 🙂

      • You’re welcome. Spider-Man looks amazing and I am impressed to see Insomniac Studios make a great Spider-Man game. I hope your weekend is great to. 🙂

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