Scary anime Shiki is expiring!

Let me be the first to say Happy Father’s Day everyone! I hope you guys are having a fun day with your dads or someone you see as a dad!

With this said, I got some bad news in the world of anime. Revealed on Twitter yesterday, English company FUNimation revealed that the horror anime Shiki is losing the license! This horror vampire anime will be removed from the FUNimation catalog in June 30th. If you haven’t bought this copy or streamed the series, you have until June 30th until the anime expires!


32 thoughts on “Scary anime Shiki is expiring!

    • That’s awesome news. At least the good thing about this anime is that people can buy the SAVE version and save some money if they never bought this anime.

  1. Ah man I remember watching Shiki many years ago (around the time it first came out). It’s such an underrated horror series and a great take on Western-vampire-lore-meets-Japanese-culture. I still remember an old friend of mine being angry at the ending because of “that” character doing “that” at the end

    • Oh really? I can’t wait to see that ending. It sounds very serious. That’s what Funimation was saying on Twitter that this anime was underrated. A lot of people agree.

  2. This is one damn good series. Don’t really care about the Funimation part given that, as usual, they’re not available in Eastern Europe. Maybe I’m doomed or something.

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