Visual Novel Clannad is finally released in PSN

Remember the old news about Clannad and the PSN? Well, it’s finally out for North America!

According to Crunchyroll, the visual novel Clannad is finally released in the Playstation Network store in North America. The whopping price is $44.99 ($45) digital. The company Prototype is responsible for releasing this game in the consoles. It’s unknown when is the release for European regions, but I will keep you guys updated when the novel is released globally.

Clannad is also released for Steam if you prefer reading the visual novel on your computer. Do you plan on getting Clannad on the PS4?

6 thoughts on “Visual Novel Clannad is finally released in PSN

  1. PSN – YAY!!!
    Price – BOOO!!!

    Okay, so the MSRP is technically cheaper than the Steam version, but it’s hilarious they released it right during the Steam sale when it’s under $20.

    • Haha really it’s cheap now? This is going to conflict my choices lol. Clannad must be really popular since it has a high price. Still, I would love to have Clannad and cry.

  2. I bought Clannad on PC many moons ago, during a sale, but never got round to reading it. Wish they would release it on Vita, because handhelds are better for Visual Novels. Right now I am reading Muv Luv.

      • I hear that Muv Luv Alternative is meant to be really good. Right now I am playing the first game. The first game is pretty much a harem anime. I believe the other game is a story about mechs.

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