I got the Premium Plan!

Hello everyone, this is Matthew. I got some exciting news to tell you guys since it involves my blog. I recently signed up for the premium plan in WordPress. This means that I am going beyond in my blogging as I try and learn how to make money out of my blog. I am still learning on monetizing and exploring the expanded features on this plan. I am still going to be writing as usual and make use of the one year plan. I only ask if you can continue to support me and share my blog to everyone. I am going to need help to continue this plan if Lord willing me to do this further. You can still support me by donating me at Ko-Fi. I plan to continue writing and enjoy the many things in my hobby. I just need your support and help me get more views.

Thank you mom and dad for pushing me to take this new path in my writing.

32 thoughts on “I got the Premium Plan!

  1. Great news! I never went for a premium plan for my blog, but I’ve been writing on lots of other sites for a while now, so that also really helped my blog grow. Best of luck with your new venture 🙂

  2. Congratulations, this is a step in the right direction mate, your blog is good at it’s smart to earn ad revenue off it, I will support your blog more now and click your ads and view your blog more.

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