Final Fantasy XV: Royal Edition DLC review

PSN description

This exclusive pack contains all new content included in FINAL FANTASY XV ROYAL EDITION.

New Features:
・Insomnia City Ruins – new map leading straight to the game’s climactic end
・First-Person View – mode allowing players to see Eos through Noctis’s eyes
・Armiger Unleashed – powered-up combat mode
・Royal Cruiser – open-sea exploration, new fishing spots and recipes
・Regalia Type-D – new acquisition and enhancement quests
・Additional Trophies

*May have spoilers, but I will try to keep it a minimum regarding the story.

Even though Final Fantasy XV was released, the team Square Enix are still adding more content to the game in hopes to giving the game replay value. In March, Square Enix decided that they wanted to not only expand more into already world of Final Fantasy XV, but also make it easy for newcomers. If you never played Final Fantasy XV, Square Enix compiled the game with new updates and also content from the season pass such as Episode Gladiolus, Prompto, Ignis and the online expansion Comrades for free for a price about $35. However, you are like me who already got the game and probably already played these contents, the the Royal Edition can still be accessed but as a DLC costing about $15. The DLC includes new features such as riding the Royal Vessel, a boat that allows you to sail around Eos and even allows you to fish in the sea. You can even play the game in first person view. The biggest update is playing and exploring the ruins of the city Insomnia in Chapter 14. In this updated chapter, players must fight through the deamons and help the rest of the Kingsglaive and even the veteran glaive Cor helps you. There are also new bosses where Cerberus stands in the way in your quest to save your throne and even the Kings of Yore, past kings of Insomnia who are possessed by evil. If you thought the Adamantoise was long and enduring boss, get ready for the all new and powerful secret boss, The Omega Weapon. In this review, I will only be talking about the DLC and the updates.

Gameplay: Same as before but with new toys

Assuming that you played the game before or you read my review on this game, the gameplay is still the same. There are some new features included in the game that makes exploring and fighting much more entertaining. First thing that got updated is the ability to play as Noctis’ friends Prompto, Gladiolus and Ignis in the main game; however, in order to unlock this ability, players will need to rack some AP and unlock it in the Ascension menu. Once that is done, you will be able to switch out characters while fighting and make use of each one’s ability. For example, Gladiolus is a heavy, but close combat warrior who depends on his brute strength and his shield to counter attacks. Prompto is a distant fighter who can use an arsenal of guns and hit critical spots on the enemy. Ignis plays as a mid and close fighter and with his spelldaggers, he can use magic and physical attacks together. This new feature does bring something new to the table and it helps players enjoy these characters without having to play each character’s episode in order to play their experience.

Another new edition included is the Armiger Unleashed ability. The Armiger Unleashed is a new fighting style where after players obtain all Royal Weapons and receive the Founder King’s Sigil, Noctis can use his Armiger and fight in a standard combat style as opposed to his other style where he warps and strikes enemies. By using combos on ground and air, Noctis can send out his weapons all at once for a devastating blow. He can also use techniques in which allows him to do special attacks such as using all his weapons and do extra damage on attacking or he could use his powers all at once.

Besides riding the Regalia, players will be able to ride the Royal Vessel. The Royal Vessel is a speed boat which will allow players to explore the sea of Eos. Fishing is optional and it’s nice to catch fishes out in the sea. It’s funny how Ignis will ask Noctis if he put on sunscreen and other times where Gladio and Prompto suggest they should upgrade the Regalia and make her drive on the waters.

The main update for this game is the expanded chapter of chapter 14. *


In Chapter 14, Noctis wakes up ten years older after waking up from his slumber. He sees the day has been consumed by darkness and the world is in ruins. After reuniting his friends, they return to Insomnia where Noctis goes to reclaim his throne and save the world from eternal darkness. With this Royal Edition update, we get see Cor and the surviving Glaives as they help Noctis fight back against Daemons and remaining Magitek soldiers. Ardyn appears too, but he will not make it easy for Noctis and his friends. He covers the entire kingdom in a magic forcefield and surrounded the area with daemons. Even if Noctis and his friends make it through, he has to face Ifirit, an Astral who turnedaway against the other Astrals and even fight the new bosses the Ruler of Yore (past kings of Lucis).


Overall Review: A Royal Treat for us?

As much as I love the new content, part of me feels like this could have been in the game in the beginning without the DLC. Stuff like Chapter 14 is a huge improvement from before. Originally before the update, players had to go through a linear walk through as they went to the kingdom where Ardyn was waiting and by the time the player was high leveled, it felt like it wasn’t much of a challenge. However, after the update, Insomnia is huge and there are tons of areas that can be explored. If you happened to help Cindy and create the Regalia Type-D, you can use it here in Insomnia and explore the kingdom and run over monsters. The bosses in this game really tests your abilities like Cerberus; however, the boss Omega Weapon is where things get really hard. Thankfully, it’s a secret boss, but it’s not easy killing it and not even using the Magitek armor costume will work since it will disable the ability for immunity. The only way to do damage on it is by using Royal Weapons. Overall, I like the improvements but I feel like it should have been in it the first place. Same thing with the other features such as the Armiger Unleashed, Royal Vessel and first person view gameplay. It does make me want to replay the game and use these features, but paying for it seems a bit high.

Conclusion: Worth the upgrade?

Personally, it’s nice that we got more content to the game and made the story enjoyable, but I really didn’t like how we had to pay $15 for stuff like this. However, if you never played Final Fantasy XV and you want to play the game with the season pass and Royal Edition content, I highly recommend buying the game in the disc format or digital. The physical game has a nice cover art made by Yoshitaka Amano who previously did artwork for Final Fantasy IV and the cover on the FFXV deluxe edition. New gamers should just pay $40 or $50 to get the main game, season pass content (Episodes DLC and multiplayer) and Royal Edition content. Besides the price, I still enjoy the fun in the game and I really like using Noctis friends against the Rulers of Yore.

Did you guys get the Royal Edition? What did you think?


2 thoughts on “Final Fantasy XV: Royal Edition DLC review

  1. $15 does seem like a bit much, but I’m glad that it’s a story enhancement. Next to new characters that is probably still the best form of DLC to me. I don’t think I would end up getting it, but it sounds pretty hype

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