PSA: Watch out for possible shooter at Anime Expo!




Anime News Network

This is a warning to all anime fans and/or visitors who are going to Anime Expo. You may have been alerted but I want to bring this up for attention for safety reasons.

Thanks to sources like Twitter and my blogging friend Joseph from Scorpzgca, this news is pretty important. his picture above is a young man named Alonzo Rodriguez who recently wrote in a text message that he commented on threatening this upcoming Anime Expo. In the messages, he comments that this kind of convention is “asking for a high school shooting.” This message has already been notified by the LAPD and Anime News Network has already reached out to panels and companies be on high alert.

Anime Expo begins on July 5th to 8th. If you are going to Anime Expo and if you see this guy, don’t approach him! Instead, go and get help from the police and report him. We can’t let anyone get hurt or lose someone dear to them.


4 thoughts on “PSA: Watch out for possible shooter at Anime Expo!

  1. This is really scary stuff, it takes my breath away. In the past one would not take things like this all too seriously, but these days it’s things like this that can turn ugly real fast. It’s very good that you are bringing attention to this. I really hope that nothing is going to happen.

    • Yeah it’s sad to see that more people are hurting others with evil intentions. It makes the world feel dangerous. All we can do is pray and spread the word of this news. We gotta work together and make sure everyone is safe.

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