Rightstuf and Noizomi Entertainment news: anime classics are coming to Blu-Ray!

As you may know, Rightstuf is a company website where they help anime fans provide a place where to show for anime, manga, merchandise and games (anime games like Naruto, Sword Art Online). Noizomi Entertainment is an English company partnered with Rightstuf and they have license to certain anime like Please Teacher! and Gundam. Revealed in recent news from ANN, Rightstuf and Noizomi announced that the following anime Please Teacher!, Please Twins! and Gravitation will have a Blu-Ray set! Also, an anime called The Irresponsible Captain Tylor will be receiving an “Ultra Edition Blu-Ray set” some time this year.


Also receiving a Blu-Ray copy is two Mobile Suit Gundam series classics. Coming out in the holidays is Mobile Fighter G Gundam. In 2019, get ready for Mobile Suit Gundam Seed. Both sets will be in Ultra Blu-Ray editions and they will give fans the highest quality in animation and sound. As an added bonus, they will have English Dub. If you like Gundam and you enjoy these kind of series, save up and buy these babies!


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15 thoughts on “Rightstuf and Noizomi Entertainment news: anime classics are coming to Blu-Ray!

    • Yeah and I bet fans do prefer watching with Blu-Ray. I didn’t know they are going to do a live action movie. This is going to be interesting and fun for the fans.

      • That’s good and your articles are very informative, especially your anime content, do you think this Gundam movie will be an accurate potryal of original the anime/manga also what was your favourite anime you’ve seen this season ?

      • Thank you Joseph. I do my best to give the news with my best writing. I’m assuming the movie is going to be original, but it could borrow themes from past series. Favorite anime this season? I’m not sure because I think I missed out, but if I was to choose an anime to watch this past season, I would go for Sword Art Online Alternative and Tokyo Ghoul: re.

      • Great response, Sword Art Online Alternative was a different approach but it worked very well the anime producers, writers, animators, directors and many other people part of Studio3HZ did well in brining us a awesome and compelling story and Tokyo Ghoul:re was very entertaining too

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