Dragon Ball Super movie news: Broly is back!

Ah! My vocal chords!

Hello everyone and welcome back to some exciting news. Revealed all over online, we got some new information on the upcoming Dragon Ball Super movie. Revealed on Twitter, Toei Animation revealed a key image to the movie along with a returning and rebooted character from the Dragon Ball Z movies. The returning character is Broly and the movie will be titled Dragon Ball Super: Broly. Also revealed, Akira Toriyama commented and mentioned that this Broly will be different than the ones in the past movies. According to the message, he designed Broly for the three movies (Dragon Ball Z – Broly the Legendary Super Saiyan, Second Coming and Bio Broly), but he was not involved with the movie and characters and he forgot about his story. Now, Toriyama recently saw the movies and he is going to bring back Broly and do the story in his way.

Dragon Ball Super: Broly will be in the theaters in Japan December 14, 2018.

Question to this: For an English Dub version of the movie, will Vic Mignogna return as Broly?


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