Friday Funny 169: Merry Christmas in Friday the 13th for Bois and Gurls!


Welcome back to another episode of TGIF Friday Funny. I hope everyone is surviving the heat and avoiding mosquito bites. There’s not much to say in regards to anything big coming or anything new being released today as far as I know, but I am aware that Anime Expo is over. If you been to Anime Expo last weekend, you might have already heard some exciting news from different anime companies from Japan and English companies like Viz and FUNimation. One of the biggest news is the announcement of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Golden Wind (Part 5). If you love JoJo and you got to see a preview of the first episode, what did you think about it? Additionally, Viz also announced that they got the license and rights to do an English Dub to the previous JoJo anime Diamond is Unbreakable. I also got some exciting news in Dragon Ball! Revealed online, the Dragon Ball Super movie has a title and movie villain. The villain is Broly and this Broly will be different according to Akira Toriyama (creator of Dragon Ball). The movie will be called Dragon Ball Super: Broly and it is set to be released in Japan theaters in December 14th.

Since we are in July, we are technically in the middle of the year of 2018! You might have noticed some sale going on through many stores and websites. PSN is having a mid year sale in digital games and I was able to snag Final Fantasy VII for the PS4. In anime websites, Rightstuf is celebrating their 31st birthday! Rightstuf is slashing down prices in select anime for all anime and every week until August. Some manga from Viz is being sold in bundles to help fans to get their collection and catch up with the story. Everyday, Rightstuf will pick an anime and make a “Mega Deal” and cut the price in half for one day only. Another website taking advantage of the month is Sentai Filmworks. Up until July 22nd, all anime DVD sets including Premium sets are in sale for a limited time. If you want that premium set of High School of the Dead or Food Wars with DVD/Blu-Ray combo with exclusive items, go to the site and order your copy before they run out! Last but random and also not least, I saw Ant-Man and the Wasp! The movie was funny and entertaining and I thought it surpassed the first movie. Beloved characters return and the ending scene after the credits hype you for the next MCU film. This is the last MCU film in 2018 and the only Marvel movies left is from Sony and they are Venom and the animated movie Spider-Verse.

With all this said, Merry Christmas!

To conclude this post, here are some random anime opening songs that is not Shonen Jump titles. If you want SJ openings, check out last week Friday post.

I hope everyone have an awesome weekend and watch more anime!

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