Domain claimed! Moving on up!

Well, I did it! If you guys didn’t know, I mentioned in the past that I wanted to turn my blog into a website instead of a blog. My parents urged me to follow this goal by encouraging me to take the next step in my writing. After finally getting a job, I decided to use my money to buy the premium package to WordPress. With the premium package, I am able to add WordAds and use further customization such as themes for my blog site. However, I will was still contented to WordPress and I couldn’t do much monetizing.

Today, I used my free domain offer and left my old address and decided to embrace the new title, Matt-in-the-Hat. Now, if you were to Google or Bing , you would instantly be taken to my site. I want to thank my parents and my readers for encourage me to go far into my writing. I am hoping to do a lot more writing than before. It’s going my goal to keep writing as often and using my free time to write out the best content. I am asking from everyone to help me by motivating me continue working hard and help me earn money so I can keep this site. My readers are the reason I am here and thanks to you guys, I am made it. God bless you all!

33 thoughts on “Domain claimed! Moving on up!

  1. Wow…that is a seriously cool development indeed! Wonderful news: Now your blog is going to explode even more than it already did! Congrats and good luck to you in the future πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

    • Thank you Raistlin. If there were tons of people like you, I think I would reach 100 views or more everyday. Thank you for helping me reach this far. πŸ™‚

  2. Congrats! That being said, I don’t really get the difference between the premium package you mentioned at the beginning and then the domain. I thought the 26$ package which brings the name/domain is all you need to start getting the ads. Do you start getting even more ads if you buy the full domain or something? It all always seems so confusing to me

    • There are tiers. Personal package doesn’t allow ad words. The other two tiers do. It costs more and also you get a bit more things that the personal package doesn’t get.

    • Thank you! I think so. As far as I know, you start to notice some ads appear on the site once you buy the package and get your domain. I am still learning.

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