Friday Funny 170: The Four Horsemen of memes


Thank God it’s Friday! Hello beautiful people! Welcome back to another funny and chilled episode of TGIF Friday Funny! I hope everyone is doing okay and being healthy in this summer heat. I am here to address some major and quick news, so please take notes. This weekend is the San Diego Comic Con! The SDCC 2018 will be taking place in July 19th (today) to all the way to July 22nd. According to online news, DC is going to be revealing some interesting news and details on the movies and shows. Movies like the second Wonder Woman movie which is being called Wonder Woman 1984, Shazam! and Aquaman. For TV shows, get ready for news scoop such as Titans and the possibility of Batwoman in Arrow. I haven’t heard much from Marvel movies, but if you hear any movie topics relating to MCU, Sony with Venom and Spider-Verse or Fox movies, let me know. Next piece of news is about fanfiction from Allie. Remember my friend Allie from Writer’s Visionaries? Well, she is back again and revamping her fanfiction writing based on the action packed cartoon series Loonatics Unleashed. She needs your help by reading her writing and giving her feedback. Her writing is great and her imaginative story plot is truly remarkable. I really encourage you guys to go check out her story and give her your thoughts. Please be nice and encourage her to write more. Here is the first episode of her story:

Last but not least unless you don’t play games, SEGA has re-released a physical copy of Sonic Mania titling it Sonic Mania Plus. If you like Sonic Mania or want to play it, but you want to hold the game in your hands, SEGA released a physical copy with a reverse-able cover art which trademarks the game and make it feel like you bought a Sega Genesis game. According to Sega, if you already have the game from last year, you can pay $5 for the Encore DLC which also changes the game title Sonic Mania Plus. In this updated version, the classic characters Mighty the Armadillo and Ray the Flying Squirrel returns from 1993 and become playable. New zones and bosses are added in the Encore mode and 4 players can join to compete each other. I have this game and I highly recommend it! If Sega can add these characters, I hope we get the Chaotix such as Espio, Vector and Charmy or give us classic Amy.

With this said, let’s go do this nerds!

Here are some funny and cute episodes of the series Sonic Mania Adventures. There are five episodes in total and they’re all free. These episodes are to promote the game Sonic Mania Plus. Sonic Mania was developed by a game programmer named Christian Whitehead and he along with other people in the Sonic fandom community helped and create this game. He also made the app version games of Sonic 1, 2 and CD. With the help of SEGA, you can play classic Sonic games with enhanced features which is great fanservice.

See you later guys!

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