Unboxing VANS x Marvel shoes

I have been meaning to do this last week, but better late than never. I don’t usually shop at Tillys or buy VANS shoes, but when I heard Marvel teamed up with VANS and made customed shoes based off of Marvel comic heroes. I got some shoes on Saturday July 14th from the Tillys website on a flash sale. I got the Spider-Man shoes. The box that came with the shoes was something really amazing because the pictures are based on the actual comic books. I really like how VANS took the time to cover this shoe box with iconic characters from the comic books.

The shoes inside was covered with images of Spider-Man from the early comics, in which I believe it is the Steve Ditko’s design. Steve Ditko is a comic artist who worked with Marvel creator and now CEO Stan Lee; he is well-known for creating the heroes Spider-Man and Dr. Stranger.

The shoes felt really great and I was surprised it didn’t have laces. I don’t usually wear VANS so that’s why this felt new to me. Overall, the shoes was good on my feet and I am really happy to have these shoes and show off my favorite hero. In a funny way, I remember as a kid, I always liked wearing shoes with characters on it and now as an adult, I have shoes with a favorite character. I am so glad to get these shoes in a fair price.

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