Disney streaming service name announced! Important news for Star Wars and Marvel fans!

Looks like DC Universe and other sites have met a new match in the business world of streaming. Announced yesterday, Disney has unveiled the new upcoming streaming subscription service. The streaming service will be called Disney Play according to what the news appears and the streaming service will begin on 2019. According to IGN, once the Marvel movie Captain Marvel is released in theaters, every Marvel film will be removed from Netflix will be on Disney Play. In regards to MCU movie on Netflix, the last MCU movie that will be on Netflix will be Ant-Man and the Wasp. Disney and Marvel agreed that Netflix exclusives shows like Daredevil and Jessica Jones will remain on Netflix and will not be on Disney Play. However, It’s also reported that Star Wars movies and shows that debuts in 2019 and beyond will appear on the service and the movies like The Force Awakens and The Last Jedi will not be on it due to Star Wars belonging to At&T Turner Broadcasting and giving them the rights to broadcast the films. Disney Play will be premiering instead the upcoming Star Wars Clone Wars season 7. It’s unknown what will be the price for the subscription, but if every Disney licensed title and franchise are being removed from Netflix, then that means they will be losing an estimated $300 million in annual revenue.

What’s your opinion to this news?





Full details on what is going to be on Disney Play:


14 thoughts on “Disney streaming service name announced! Important news for Star Wars and Marvel fans!

  1. I don’t see this as a win for viewers. The biggest issue with subscription viewing is you have to have multiple subscriptions to keep up with all the media you want in the first place and adding new services literally just divides things more. The only people who win here are people who only want to pay for one particular type of product and will now happily reduce their subscription load.

    • Yeah that’s my thought too. If people start using Disney Play, they are only limited to Disney only shows and movies. Netflix and Hulu are one of the few who can extend to other series not limited to owners.

  2. Quite frankly, Disney being greedy. They have several TV channels they could already use to launch a lot of their new content. Anything else there’s a good chance it will see a home video release, so I will not be subscribing.

  3. Television succeeded because every studio’s product was available, you just had to find the right channel. Now all the competing streaming services are forcing people to choose between them. I see no benefits in this, not for the studios and not for the audience.

    • Now that you mentioned it, I do remember a time where people just had to worry where to watch a show by the TV guide. Now in this day in age, we have people who wants to watch something without commercials and get access to content. It’s all about the money and Disney will use childhood nostalgia to bring in customers.

      • Bingo. Thing is, even in the best case scenario, they’re still forfeiting a portion of their potential audience. (as evidenced by all of us who are already saying no right here in the comments)

      • The down side to this service is that with the Disney Play, we are going to be limited what we pay for. Unlike Netflix and Hulu where they have a variety of content to view, Disney Play is going to be limited to their own brand.

      • Thus, the expansion, buying up other studios, to widen their brand to include as much as possible. And yet, still such a small selection when compared with “everything.” Of course, Netflix has its own problems, including rising costs and a declining library, but they’re still the staple of the industry. The real problem is that competitors like Hulu, Amazon, YouTube, and more are all providing their own content, with Disney Play just adding more to the mess. If they all had a way to work together, to imitate the benefits of TV on the internet, that would be one thing, but dividing everything up is eventually going to bite everyone in the butt in one form or another.

      • That’s true. I do noticed when I first signed up with Netflix, the selection library was pretty minimum than I expected and I thought it was going to have a vast library. With these sites taking portions of franchises like this, it makes it hard to keep track on accounts and it becomes tedious when spending money on a particular show and service.

  4. Would you happen to know if they will still let people rent/buy movies through Amazon? Or take away things people have already purchased through Amazon?

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