Anime news: Black Clover extends episodes! Crunchyroll streams JoJo Part 5!

Shonen Jump fans! I got great news in the anime world!

According to Crunchyroll and ANN, we are going to be getting some interesting anime treats this upcoming fall and the rest of 2018! At a panel during CRX 2018, it’s bee n announced that the anime Black Clover will be extending more episodes and will be entering a new season. It was initially planned to have only 51 episodes, but based on popular demand, the anime will go on even further into the manga. The new season begins this upcoming October.

Another good news involves the upcoming anime JoJo’s Bizarre Adventures Part 5: Golden Wind. It’s been announced at the same panel that Crunchyroll will be able to stream the new anime this fall.

Jojo's Part 5

If you think pumpkin spice lattes are sweet, then you better sit back and enjoy some sweet, action anime.


Hunter X Hunter manga returns in September

Good morning fellow manga fans! I bring good news in regards to Hunter x Hunter. Originally announced in the 43rd issue of the Japanese Weekly Shonen Jump magazine, Yoshihiro Togashi’s well-known manga series Hunter x Hunter is returning again. This manga was on hiatus for five months and the last issue it was on was in April. The manga will return on September 22. If you are a HxH fan and you read Weekly Shonen Jump, mark your calendars and get ready to read more hunter action!