Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition joins the consoles!

Do you like Final Fantasy games? Want to play a game besides the Spider-Man game on PS4? If you answered yes. I got news for you today. Revealed online, Square Enix announced that the pocket handled version of Final Fantasy XV, “Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition”, is released on the consoles. According to the news, the game is available for PS4, Xbox One and Switch; however, the game is currently released for PS4 and X1 and today it is on sale with 40% off during the first week and the listing price is $29.99. There will be a Switch version too but later, so don’t worry FFXV fans, this game will be on the digital market soon.

Check out my “incomplete” review of the game. (I only played the first chapter for free on my phone)

6 thoughts on “Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition joins the consoles!

  1. This is nice for Switch fans, though I’m still a little confused as to why this is necessary on PS4 and Xbox One. I guess maybe because of the combat changes and more streamlined story, or lower asking price (So people don’t have to wait for a sale)? It’s odd, but cool for whoever wanted this, I guess.

    • Yeah I totally agree. I have the other game on my PS4 but I am thinking about getting this game on my Switch. I guess they want to spread out more for people who wants to play it.

    • Yeah I agree too. To be honest, I thought this would be only for Switch. I guess Square Enix wants to be able to spread out more for others. They also have it on PC and phones too.

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