Dragon Ball FighterZ adds 17 to the Roster!

Great news Dragon Ball fans! If you are still playing Dragon Ball FighterZ, get ready to play a new character this month! Besides the recently announced Cooler, Bandai Namco announced that the final character of the season pass is revealed to be Android 17. Based on the pictures, Android 17 will appear in his park rangers uniform from Dragon Ball Super and he won’t be accompanied with Android 18. There is no release date for the DLC, but just like before, once he is released in the online store, he is either free when you buy the season pass or buy him individually. Android 17 is the last DLC character of the season pass.

Buying the season pass includes the following characters:

  • Broly
  • Bardock
  • Zamasu (Merged)
  • Vegito (SSGSS or SSB)
  • Goku (Base Form)
  • Vegeta (Base/Saiyan Form)
  • Cooler (FInal Form)
  • Android 17 (Dragon Ball Super appearance)

Friday Funny 179: Team Shonen Jump Heroes!


Thank God it’s Friday! Welcome all again for another exciting and fun episode of Friday Funny. I hope everyone is doing okay as we are officially in autumn. It’s time to say goodbye to the summer heat and embrace the breezy cool days as trees drop down their brown leaves. The good thing about autumn is the release of new movies, video games and anime. For movies, we have the upcoming movie Venom which will be in theaters in October. In video games, we are getting the Fist of the North Star game and My Hero One’s Justice. In anime, we are getting Sword Art Online season 3! For today post, I decide to dedicate this funny post to some new anime video games. We got some new Shone Jump titles being released of this year with titles like My Hero Academia, Black Clover, Naruto to Boruto, and Fist of the North Star. Black Clover: Quartet Knights is out for PC, PS4 and X1 along with Naruto to Boruto: Shinobi Strikers. Coming in October, we have My Hero One’s Justice for Switch, X1 and PS4 and Fist of the North Star: Lost Paradise exclusively for PS4. This new Fist of the North Star will be done by Sega and worked with the same people who did the Yakuza games and for the first time in the game, you have the option to play the game in English and Japanese Dub. I hope you didn’t spend too much money on games and haven’t gotten distracted on titles like Spider-Man and Shadow of the Tomb Raider; you might have to save up your money if you want to catch these titles. I was going to add One Piece: World Seeker to this mention as well, but the game got delayed for 2019 and it’s going to have to wait with the new Jump Force game.

Without a further ado, here is your heroic memes!

To end this post, here are some trailers of your favorite anime games and with an addition to anime OPs.

Anime OP

See you next time my fellow otaku friends!