My Hero Academia season 2 part 1 review *Spoiler-Free*

Rightstuf synopsis:

Class 1-A made a name for themselves after facing The League of Villains, but an even greater challenge is about to begin. These young heroes will now fight students from other classes in the world’s biggest Quirk competition-the U.A. sports festival! With dreams at stake and friends turning to adversaries, Deku will give everything he’s got in his grand debut as the world’s next symbol of peace.

*It won’t contain spoilers in this season, but I will assume everyone watched season 1.

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Insanely popular Shonen Jump title My Hero Academia is back and in this season, things are about to get heated. Unlike the first season, season two is much longer and the season is split into two parts. Part one covers the U.A. sports festival in which I already got done watching. Without a further ado, let’s begin this review.

Story: Part 1 – let the games begin!

Continuing off where season one concluded, the students of Class 1-A takes a couple days off from school after the recent attack from The League of Villains. After the days off, Izuku Midoriya and his friends come back to school and then get news of the upcoming superhero school event called the U.A. Sports Festival. According to the teachers, the U.A. Sports Festival is a sports event where young heroes participate in a series of games. It is also broadcasted all over the world so people can see the new potential heroes and the games will also attract veterans who are looking for students seeking an internship and possibly learn how to be a hero. Things are not going to be easy for Class 1-A students especially when Katsuki Bakugo instigates the issue by sandbagging the competition that he will win and in result makes Class 1-A a target. However, besides the characters competing to gain attention to the audience, some of them are attending to these games for personal goals.

Review – My Hero Academia “Chunin Exam” arc 

If you like the first season of My Hero Academia, you’re going to love this one. This first half of the season is highly focused on the epic fight battles and character development on some of the characters who got less screen time from the previous season. Characters like Midoriya and Bakugo does get attention in this anime, but the real meat of the character development we get is Ochaco and Todoroki. I won’t spoil, but we do get a reason why Ochaco wants to be a hero and we get to see Todoroki personality and his life. I like the direction this anime took and we got see other characters besides Midoriya. Even All Might takes a break from taking the spotlight from before we do get to see some interesting veteran heroes like the provocative heroine Midnight and the second strongest hero next to All Might is Endeavor. Midnight was funny and I like how she gets exciting from the thought of pain in which the students take notice and are shocked. Endeavor was interesting but he is my least favorite hero because of a reason in which I can’t tell without spoiling the story. The overall competition and background information reminds me of the Chunin Exams from the anime Naruto. To be brief, in the classic Naruto, Naruto and his friends enter the Chunin Exams in order to display their skills in hopes in advancing from the ranks of Genin to Chunin. It’s not easy for Naruto or his friends because they have to go through deadly trials and even fight other young ninjas and show their teachers the power they display; some fights can be emotionally painful when you learn about the fighters. Overall, seeing part one gave me flashbacks to Naruto. I really enjoyed some of the fights and it got me rooting for the characters.

Conclusion – The First Act is Good?

How was the first half of season two? This part one was good and even better than the first season. This section of the anime does an excellent job on showing off the side character’s quirks. Characters besides Midoriya was another added bonus as we learned about them through fighting and it makes them either relatable or sympathetic. Part one does excellent job on covering the Sports Festival arc in a fast and thrilling pace. The last few episodes does continue off to part two and this makes me want to know what’s going to happen. The dub and music was great in my opinion. There is not much to complain about this anime but other than the fact is that if you already know how the characters behave and the fight scenes handle, you get the idea what to expect. It’s over the top, but it’s not crazy like Dragon Ball fights, but it certainly feels like Naruto level. Overall, this part one is one can be comparable to tournament arcs you would expect to see in other anime Dragon Ball in the world tournaments, Naruto in the Chunin Exams and YuYu Hakusho in the Dark Tournaments.

What is your opinion to Season 2, part 1?

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