Movie News: James Gunn joins Warner Bros and help write Suicide Squad 2 movie

Remember DC’s movie Suicide Squad that premiered in 2016? I got some interesting news to share in regards to this movie. It has been announced yesterday that filmmaker James Gunn has joined with Warner Bros and DC comics and will be involved with the upcoming, planned movie Suicide Squad 2. This turn of events also persuaded actor Dave Bautista to wanting to join the movie and wants to work with James Gunn.

If you don’t why this is a big deal, I will tell you real brief about James Gunn and Disney. James Gunn was in charge and help create the iconic Marvel Cinematic Films Guardians of the Galaxy and the sequel Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. The plans for a third movie is currently on hold since Disney fired and dismissed James Gunn for making controversial jokes in his Twitter about rape and pedophilia. With this dilemma, the third movie is on break and Disney is trying to decide to either go with the script James Gunn made, find a new director and rewrite the story or scrap it. This startling news has even led Drax actor Dave Bautista to stand up against Disney and is willing to leave the team.


28 thoughts on “Movie News: James Gunn joins Warner Bros and help write Suicide Squad 2 movie

  1. Hmmm I wonder how this will turn out. The first one was a lot of action and great.
    But the storyline was not good at all haha

  2. Mind you, his comments were a decade or more ago, so I’d say this controversy is entire ridiculous from start to finish. As Suicide Squad struck me as Guardians of the Galaxy meets Deadpool meets the DC universe meets an acid trip… well, now they have the mastermind behind at least one of those things!

    • Yeah I heard those comments were made a long time ago but now Disney is barely finding out and they are bringing it up. I always saw Suicide Squad like a combination of Deadpool and Gurdians of the Galaxy. Still, I wonder what will Gunn do now that he is going to be involved with this one. I would be surprised if this sequel does better than a Marvel movie.

  3. Hmm…well…I have no real opinion on it, other than saying that if he did write those tweets, I think they were pretty tasteless to say the least.
    Will be interesting to see if this movie will be better than the first. It had so much potential but then fell completely flat.

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