Jump Force news: Introducing Saint Seiya!

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Great news for Shonen Jump fans, get ready for another series to join the brawl in the upcoming Jump Force game. With characters like Dragon Ball, One Piece and Naruto being added to the game, players can get happier today as Bandai Namco just announced another Jump title to join the game. The series is Saint Seiya or in America we used to call it Knights of the Zodiac. Revealed in the gameplay trailer, fans can use Pegasus Saint Seiya and Dragon Saint Shiryū.

The game set to be released this February 2019.

6 thoughts on “Jump Force news: Introducing Saint Seiya!

      • For more classic titles I’d definitely be game to see someone from Kenshin or Dragon Drive show up. The latter isn’t very popular so I doubt it will show up, but that’d be awesome. With DLC I’m hoping they throw a bunch of characters at us

      • We could get them as DLC characters. I think in the pre-order bonus, it did mention something of a season pass. It’s possible, but we are miles away from Feb 2019.

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