Attack on Titan returns next year

If you enjoyed the anime Attack on Titan season 3, I got some exciting news to those who already finished the anime. According to ANN, Attack on Titan season 3 has officially concluded this Monday, but this was part one of the anime. Part two of season three will begin this upcoming April. Season 3, Part 2 will begin on April 2019 on Episode 50.

6 thoughts on “Attack on Titan returns next year

  1. I’m honestly not really excited about this. I agree with Anime Girls, I wish they had just let it run trough instead of making us wait for another half year. But…I will of course continue to watch 😊😊

    • Yeah I will watch it too nonetheless XD. But yeah I agree. If it’s still going to be the same season, we should at least finish it before splitting it into two pieces.

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