Kingdom Hearts III scans of Twilight Town and Olympus

Revealed this past weekend, Square Enix has unvieled some shots of more Kingdom Hearts III. In Twitter, Square Enix released images of game moments and characters of Sora encountering Hercules world. Based on the images, Sora and his friends will be able to fight in Mount Olypus just like the Hercules movie and will meet old and new friends. Hercules, Hades, Phil, Pegasus and Meg are back and Hercules father Zeus makes an appearance. Also returning is old foes like the Titans and, Pete and Maleficent. Olympus will be the first world players will encounter in the beginning of Kingdom Hearts III.

Another scans we see is the return of Twilight Town. In this world, Sora meets Hayner, Pence and Ollete from Kingdom Hearts II. Ienzo appears in this game as well and if you don’t know who he is, he was formerly introduced in Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories and his Organization named was Zexion. His real name was Ienzo and he was raised by Ansem the Wise and Even (who was named as Vexen from KH:CoH). In this part of the story, Sora teams up with the gang and with Ienzo helping them, they are hoping to find Roxas.

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