Friday Funny 184: Ultra Spooky Skeleton Weekend of Death!



Thank God it’s Friday! Welcome ghostly friends and welcome to a chilling Friday. I hope you guys brought some spare pants and an adult sized diaper because today is the weekend before Halloween. I was hoping Halloween to land on a Friday, but beggars can’t be choosers. With Halloween coming up, you should always be careful out there if you plan to go to Halloween parties or going to trick or treating with the family and avoid creepy strangers, clowns and even abnormal candy that can kill your kids. Besides Halloween, get ready for some new releases this weekend. Today is the release of the long waited anticipated video game Red Dead Redemption 2. Players can act like a cowboy enter a western world you can fight with animals, outlaws and Native Americans while traveling the Wild West. I hope you saved enough memory for your PS4 and X1 because this game open world is huge will probably take up 100 GB. Also being released this weekend is the anime fighting game MY Hero One’s Justice, which is a fighting video game based on the hit Shonen Jump title My Hero Academia. Players will be able to play as any of the heroes and villains and fight like the anime. Coming back in this next season is the return of RWBY. October 27th is the beginning of volume 6 of RWBY.

So let’s start this weekend my poor unfortunate souls. Bring your skeleton friends, cownoy hats, transforming weapons and crown power-ups because tonight it is going to get spooky.

Here are some “scary” videos

Here is some Ultra videos to hype you for My Hero One’s Justice:


Time to say goodbye… until next time! ๐Ÿ™‚