Team Sonic Heroes is delayed!

Sonic fans are going to have to wait for this new racing game. The upcoming racing game Team Sonic Heroes release date will be out for purchase on May 21st, 2019 according to the Sonic the Hedgehog twitter page. It was originally going to be released this year for the Christmas season, but according to the tweet, the team behind the game wants to patch up any bugs and they want players to experience and fun Sonic racing game. This game will be released on PS4, X1 and Switch and the iconic rock band Crush 40 will return to play the game’s main song. Crush 40 is well known for doing the theme songs in past Sonic games like Sonic Adventure 1 and 2 and Heroes.

8 thoughts on “Team Sonic Heroes is delayed!

  1. I heard about tbis, well if the game developers need more time that’s fine by me this is the latest Kart racing Sonic game so yeah they need to take their time and not rush the development stages of Team Sonic Racing

      • I’m probably even buying Ultimate twice. Once for the video game room and then one that I can just play on my own at night. Gonna be putting in a ton of hours on the game!

      • That’s awesome. I bet many people are going to do that and want to marvel this game. I know I am going to be stuck on that game and trying to unlock characters.

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