Marvel Spider-Man PS4 2nd DLC reveal

Howdy everyone, this is Matthew and here are some video game news I need to share with you. If you guys still playing the PS4 game Marvel Spider-Man, I got some exciting news for you. Whether you bought the season pass or planning to buy the DLC individually, get ready for another DLC chapter for this game. Insomniac Games revealed a teaser trailer of the upcoming DLC story revealing the game’s antagonist Hammerhead in this new chapter called Turf Wars. Taking place after the first DLC The Heist, Spider-Man has to stop Hammerhead and his gang as they fight for power in New York. The DLC comes out for November 20th. Playing this game will allow gamers to get three more costumes just like the first DLC. The three costumes for Spider-Man is the Iron Spider-Man, Spider-Clan and Spider-Armor MK I.

The first Spider-Man DLC chapter The Heist introduced fan favorite cat burglar Black Cat and her mission to steal some valuable items from Hammerhead.