FFVI Remake Status report: Kingdom Hearts III comes first, then FFVII R

Hello gamers, this is Matthew with some daily news in the gaming world. With Kingdom Hearts III drawing near, players all over the world are eager to get their hands on the game. However, besides KHIII, another well known game has also captured the attention to other Final Fantasy fans; we still have Final Fantasy VII Remake. So far, we haven’t had any new trailers or information yet, but we did get some information this weekend. From an interview from Tetsuya Nomura in Famitsu.com, Nomura made a comment in regards to the status of Final Fantasy VII Remake. He mentions that once Kingdom Hearts III is finished and released on January 2019, his new priority will be Final Fantasy VII Remake.

If you didn’t know, I wrote a past post about the status of Kingdom Hearts III and Final Fantasy VII Remake. It the post, I mentioned that Nomura is working hard on both Kingdom Hearts III and Final Fantasy VII Remake. He is giving 100% on both games and is willing to do overtime. Safe to say, Kingdom Hearts III is almost ready to be release for 2019 and if the game is finished, we might get some trailers and news for FFVII Remake.

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