Dragon Ball Z: the Future of Trunks spoiler review


Rightstuf describes it:

Goku is dead, victim of a deadly virus. Last of the Z Warriors to pass, the Super Saiyan’s death has left the Earth far more vulnerable than ever before. With no one left to protect the planet, Androids 17 and 18 arrive to terrorize the great cities, plunging all into darkness where the inhabitants cower in fear. Is there no hope left in this apocalyptic horror? Is this the end?

Goku’s son, Gohan, is now a man, and with an extraordinary young teenager named Trunks by his side, the two are determined to face off against the threat. But as tragedy follows upon tragedy, the world around Trunks is fast collapsing and there seems no check to the evil of the Androids.This is the story of the future that never was.

Trunks – A fan favorite time traveler hero

This TV special is included in the Dragon Ball Z Double Feature with Bardock: The Father of Goku (feel free to read my review of this on your free time). Dragon Ball Z: The Future of Trunks was released on American TV on October 1st, 2000, a month before Bardock: The Father of Goku. This special is based on the short manga chapter Trunks The History – The Lone Warrior which can be read in the Dragon Ball manga in volume 33 according to the DB wikipedia. Most Dragon Ball Z fans will remember their first encounter of Trunks and how he became the second known warrior who can transform into Super Saiyan besides Goku. What stood him out was that he was able to single handily kill Frieza, his father King Cold and the rest of the army without any problems; Goku first fought Frieza back at Namek and the fight was intense. It was mentioned in the anime that Trunks is actually from the future and he wanted to prevent a dark future for the Z-Warriors: Goku would die from a heart virus and some unknown androids would kill the population. Fans wanted to know more about Trunks and what kind of future did he had. In this special, we get to see Trunks’ life and his attempt to save the Earth.

Story – A story about the last hero

The premise of the special takes place in Trunks’ timeline. The story begins with Kid Gohan and the rest of the Z-Fighters finding out that Goku has died because of an unknown heart virus. The story takes a turn for the worst when time passes and two androids named Android 17 and 18 attack different cities. Without Goku, the rest of the Z-Fighters tries to fight these unknown enemies, but ultimately dies. As time passes, most of the humans are in constant fear as these androids are terrorizing victims and friends and family are hiding. The only heroes are alive and ready to fight is young Trunks and Adult Gohan. Even though Trunks is part Saiyan, he is unable to transform into Super Saiyan, but thanks to Gohan who is now a mentor teaches him to fight. Even with the experiences Gohan went through in the years, it is not enough to defeat Android 17 and 18. With many lives taken, Trunks make it a goal to get strong and fight to save the future. Meanwhile, his mother Bulma is building a time machine in order to change the course of history and prevent this future ever happening.

Characters – A lone hero of the future

The main protagonist of this special is Trunks and we get to see the trials he goes through to gain strength. Accompanying him is his mentor Gohan who successful gained the ability to transform into Super Saiyan and dons the same gi as Goku. As a sidenote, Gohan is not voiced by Kyle Hebert and it’s done by Dameon Clark who is well-known for doing Paragus voice in the older Broly movies and the upcoming new one and does the voice of Cell in the classic anime. The voice actors in this anime is not updated with Kai actors so that means the voice of Bulma is Tiffany Vollmer. The focus on the anime is primary on Trunks and the few survivors that are alive against the androids genocide. In other words, the cast of the characters is very small something similar to the Bardock movie.

Review – A Depressing Outcome

What do I think about this movie? Personally, it’s a good movie and unlike the Bardock movie I watched, it feels more depressing. Having the story take place in a world where Earth’s mightiest heroes die and have Trunks feel helpless is upsetting. This anime does an excellent job on showing us what kind of stuff Trunks has seen and we get to see why is he so determined to save the world. I really like Gohan in this movie and how he becomes a mentor. When we remember Gohan, we see him as the scared kid who will fight to protect his love ones, but in this dystopian future, he has thrown away all of his fear and learned how to fight with confidence. When Gohan died from the androids, Trunks reaction towards the death helped him unleashed his Saiyan potential. His transformation is similar to Goku’s transformation when he saw his friend Krillin killed by Frieza at Namek. We also get to see how heartless are these androids are and how tough they are when fighting in combat. In the Dragon Ball Z anime, we are only told what kind of future Trunks had and we were given vague information on how much of a threat for these androids. To those who watched the anime, the outcome was different for the Z-Warriors when preparing for the androids, but those who saw Trunks life without warning, all we got was a dark future filled with despair and destruction.


Was this anime movie worth watching? Personally, yes! I feel like watching this movie is a necessity for fans if they want to know about Trunk’s life. In the main anime and even in Super, we are constantly reminded that Trunk’s life was a nightmare and the only way to survive was fighting. Trunks’ purpose of being in Dragon Ball was all because of this and his involvement with the heroes in the past help influence other moments in the anime such as introducing Android 16 and even the main antagonist Cell. The characters supporting Trunks like Gohan and Bulma was a great addition. The lack of heroes really does set the mood of a “no hope” feel and having Gohan as a mentor and the last Z-warrior really shows how what kind of fights he went through. For a short movie, we certainly did get a lot of information about Trunks and his life and highly recommend DBZ and Trunks fans to watch it.

Did you guys watch this movie? Comment down below your opinions.

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