Friday Funny 188: Breaking records!


Thank God it’s Friday! Maybe I should be saying Thank God it’s Black Friday! TGIBF? Either way, today is Friday and I am pretty sure some of you people are shopping today and will most likely read this Friday post later today. That’s okay, but be careful out there and respect the employees. It’s nice to shop for deals and get more with your money, but don’t forget that the workers out there. These people have to give up their free time with family and friends and work on the holidays. These are kind of people who give up their time for you guys. I am not trying to say don’t shop, but I am just saying, be considerate. You wouldn’t want to work in the holidays too. Yesterday was Thanksgiving and I hope everyone got to enjoy the day eating with family and friends and remember why are we thankful. This weekend, we have some amazing movies for those who wants to settle down and eat some popcorn and soda. The sequel to Wreck-It Ralph is here and the movie is called Ralph Breaks the Internet. In this movie, Ralph in this movie is going turbo and jumping into the world of the internet. Another movie coming out this week is the movie Creed II. Returning for the roles, Michael B. Jordan and Sylvester Stallone are back from the first movie in 2015 and will take on some tough boxers. In this movie, Adonis Creed trains himself as he takes on the son of a boxer who was mentored by the same man who killed his dad, Apollo Creed. Rocky teaches him the struggle of facing someone dangerous. In other words of the news, we got some two exciting sequels of November!

Let’s kickstart the weekend with a bang!

Here are some tasty videos 😉

Also coming out this weekend is the next Pokemon movie called Pokemon: The Power of Us. Check out how Ash and some new characters work together to save a town depended on wind technology.

Just for something random, November 24th is the anniversary when Nickelodeon premiered the movie Hey Arnold! The Jungle movie. The movie premiered on public TV on November 24th and this movie is a big deal since it answers questions about what happened to Arnold’s parents.

Be like Arnold and make a difference. Goodbye!