Kingdom Hearts III Amazon Exclusive news!

With only a month or two left until Kingdom Hearts III is release, Square Enix still have plans up their sleeves for pre-order bonuses. If you want to get Kingdom Hearts III and get more incentive for your order, Amazon has you cover. It’s been announced that players who pre-order any version of Kingdom Hearts III, this means standard or deluxe, from Amazon will receive

a free DLC in which players will be able to use the the keyblade Dawn Till Dusk.

This is not the only DLC exclusive for this game. Players can receive the Starlight Keyblade by playing the classic minigames in the app game Kingdom Hearts Union Cross. The Starlight Keyblade is a default keyblade where players first use as a weapon.

In my opinion on the Amazon pre-order, you are better off pre-ordering the game from GameStop. GameStop will give players a poster instead of DLC. What’s your opinion about the news? Do you plan to pre-order this game from Amazon?

10 thoughts on “Kingdom Hearts III Amazon Exclusive news!

  1. I definitely agree that the poster is cooler than the Keyblade. That being said, I get $10 off from Amazon via Prime so I’m thinking that should be enough to give it the slight edge over GameStop. I haven’t actually pre-ordered the game yet though so I’ll be sure to look at it thoroughly first

    • Yeah I don’t really care about DLC even if it’s for my favorite game series. I just think the poster is better and I get to touch and feel the collectible. Usually GameStop does better in bonuses when pre-ordering.

    • I guess it’s the way it was hyped up. There was an announcement with Square Enix and Amazon about something very exclusive for those who pre-order from Amazon. After the announcement, some fans are mad that it looks like a ripoff.

      • Yeah and that’s why everyone is mad right now. Amazon made a big deal about Kingdom hearts II and what they wanted to give for players for using their site. Personally, you are better off at pre-ordering at GameStop instead.

  2. Best Buy will give you a $10 certificate if you preorder.

    A little surprised that the Amazon content is just the Keyblade. I guess that pretty much seals the deal that the KH PS4 is Japan-only. Really dumb to announce it at E3 if that was the case.

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