live action Sonic the Hedgehog poster is teased and revealed!

Revealed yesterday, studio company Paramount Pictures just unveiled a live action teaser poster for the upcoming 2019 movie Sonic the Hedgehog. Just like Detective Pikachu, this is another movie adaptation of a video game.

Revealed on this poster, this movie will be released on November 2019 and the people working on movies will be the same people who did Deadpool and Fast and the Furious. The voice providing the main hero Sonic will be Ben Schwartz and the villain Dr. Eggman will be done as Jim Carrey most likely be acted than voice. However, after the poster was revealed, most Sonic fans and even non fans gave bad responses. What do think about this tease image?


12 thoughts on “live action Sonic the Hedgehog poster is teased and revealed!

  1. I figured the film would have little in common with the games other than characters, so I wasn’t really too surprised. It looks like an odd design based on the silhouette, but to be honest, i’m reserving full judgement until I see a trailer. If the film entertainsm me one way or another i’ll be happy enough.

    • Good idea. We have yet to see a trailer for this movie. Who knows, maybe this is just something to throw us off and make us assume it’s bad, but then it might be good in the trailers.

      • Exactly. Even if the shape is right, it may be that it fits in the world of the film, or simply amtches the story better than the modern game models would. Like, if Sonic is a human mutation experiment or something. Honestly, I expected this to have more in common with Sonic X than any of the games anyway.

      • True. Maybe they’re trying to make him realistic in essence like Sonic X. He could be someone from another world and he came across the human world. Movies like Space Jam and Who Framed Rodger Rabbits are made like this because the whole purpose is because they are cartoons.

      • Exactly. It’ll be interesting to see where the whole thing goes in the end. I think I still woudla hev rpeferred a full CG movie in the style of the mdoern cut scenes, but that’s cool. It’s Sonic, and i’m overly kind to the blue blur, so i’ll happily give it a chance.

  2. I gotta say that the design looks really bad to me. Still, I have hope that the film will at least be entertaining…even if it has nothing to actually do with Sonic in the long run.

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