Asta from Black Clover joins Jump Force!

Hey anime fans! I hope you guys are having a great day today. Today I bring some fun news because it is all about Jump Force. We are getting a new character to join the roster. This new character is well known for shouting and having no magic and he is from a world where everyone has magic. Introducing, Asta from Black Clover! It’s been revealed from Bandai Namco that Asta will be joining Jump Force and he is ready to slice his enemy with his anti-magic sword. Jump Force is released on Feb 15th. Who do you want to see join the game?

6 thoughts on “Asta from Black Clover joins Jump Force!

  1. I’m hyped to have Asta here! He’s quickly risen up quite a lot to become one of my favorite Shonen Jump protagonists. His never give up attitude may not be something new, but I think it’s been executed extremely well. He may have started off as a character heavily inspired by Naruto, but I think he has now surpassed him for me. (Personality-wise at least)

    • Yeah I’m happy about that. I remember when this series started, a lot of people were ready to hate this series. I’m happy to see Asta finally get some positive recognition.

      • For sure! I can’t recall if we’ve spoke about it before, but do you follow the series? (Manga or anime) If not I’d definitely recommend checking it out and if so, glad to see a fellow fan!

      • Yes I do. I am actually ahead in the manga. In the anime same here, but I am watching it on TV on Toonami. I personally think Black Clover is a good series.

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