Friday Funny 192: Jingle Bells, Bumblebee smells, Aquaman laid an egg!


Thank God it’s Friday! Welcome back to another fun filled episode of Friday Funny. This is yours truly, Matthew Castillo and I am bring memes to good boys and girls. This is the Friday before Christmas. Before we begin, let me just say this just in case I don’t get the chance: Merry Christmas to all you lovely people! I bet most of you are ready for another exciting weekend. It’s that time to go and visit family members and friends and celebrate the good times with Christmas dinner or desserts like cookies or gingerbread men. It’s the time to build snowmen and have snowball fights. It’s the time to watch classic movies like Elf, A Christmas Story or the Grinch. However, if you want to do something when watching movies, I got you covered. Released today we have two action packed movies from Hasbro and DC comics. We have spinoff movie Bumblebee which focuses on the yellow Autobot Bumblebee and his mission to protect Earth from evil Decepticons  and the military that sees him as a threat. We have the solo origin movie of Aquaman from DC comics and Warner Bros. He first made his appearance as a cameo in Batman v. Superman and then showed off some action in Justice League. Now we get to see his origin story how he became a man who can talk to the sea creatures to someone who saved Atlantis. If you are getting tired of watching Marvel movies, you should watch a DC movie before we jump into 2019. I also saw the movie Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse and I have to say, this is a really great movie. Sony Animations really out did themselves as they made a visually entertaining movie that feels like something straight out of the comics.

Post streak 113.

Let’s begin this Friday with a Sprite Cranberry so we can drink and look at memes.

Here is some options for you if you plan to watch a movie at the theaters: